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My UNOFFICIAL underground SCN promo fan video

       First, I should share a little backstory. Prior to SAP TechEd 2009 in Phoenix, AZ USA, I used some old footage I had from the previous TechEd 2008 in Vegas to piece together a little “fanboi” video. I noticed how I was lucky enough to have videoed a series of independent events that seemed to tie together nicely when considered as a whole…luckier still because I “filmed” them using my digital camera. I posted it up in our super, top secret, members-only, exclusive Mentor forum on here and solicited feedback. I was hoping to hear either “Cool! Share it!” or “That’s garbage, Chris. Take it down.”. Surprisingly, I heard little to nothing back about it (we Mentors are busy busy folks, so I guess that’s the excuse. hahaha), so I just kind of forgot about….until now!


        I am sharing this now…maybe a bit late…but the message I was trying to make still holds true. This is my take on what SCN means and is really all about to me, you, and us all. I could say I “like” SAP, but I “love” our SCN community! (yeh yeh…fanboi for life! haha). Anyways…..I hope you enjoy it!


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  • Hi Chris,
    I am super happy that you created that video. People still come up to me and say I have the harmonica that you gave us at the Community Day in Las Vegas. Or I remember the story of the one that was playing it, when the presenter wasn’t starting his session on time. It worked like a charm.
    That the evening band really showed how to play the harmonica and you captured that too, is icing on the cake.
    Thanks so much, Mark.
    P.S. I embedded your video on my blog too:
  • Chris:

    great video! I think I saw this before and it still portrays the SCN and SAP TechEd atmosphere really well! As I want all submission to the video context to have great prospects of winning, I’d like to add that the video is missing the clear articulation of how SCN has helped you directly or has helped you help a customer. Maybe you can add that or create another cool video? Here’s hoping! Otherwise, you might want to submit it for the SCNotty award instead of SCN Choice Awards:

  • Hey Chris,

    great video and very well though-out plot 🙂 #ilike


    PS: I remember Mark “playing” like that when he kicked of the Community Day in 2008 via Skype…

    I brought two of them back for my girls as a gift. How convenient, was so busy at all the post-day events that I had no chance to go shopping, yet I did not come home open-handed. ;)Many thanks to Adobe again!

  • Chris:

    I have seen the video today (Seen it when you post it)…but this time I almost cry…this video made me remember how great is TechEd, how great is SCN and how many awesome friends I got here…this is not a community…this is family!