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Author's profile photo Kevin Wilson

New book on SAP Event Management published!

image  Title: SAP’s Best Kept Secret – SAP Event Management
Author: Kevin Wilson
ISBN: 978-0-9842350-1-8
Size: 6.14 x 9.21In OR 234 x 156mm (hardcover)
MSRP: $79.95 (Available for less at Genie Press)
Pages: 310
Published: February 2010

There are very few instances in the world of business applications and information systems where you can look at something new and say “Wow, if I implement that we can really gain some tangible benefit to my organization…” SAP Event Management is just such an application.

Too many times we hear senior executives ask questions like “How are my processes performing against the plan?” or “Where are the issues in my processes and how many do I have?”

Companies need to improve productivity and one way to achieve this is by moving to a “manage by exception” operating model.

How is this accomplished? Simply put, by performing the following steps: create a plan, implement the plan, monitor the execution against the plan and manage the exceptions from that plan.

Why is this book entitled “SAP’s Best Kept Secret?” Well, SAP Event Management is the answer to these questions, if you have SAP you most likely already have the software and yet you don’t know about it or its benefits.

The intent of this book is to unravel this secret and make it clear to you about what it is, what it can do for you, and why it is such a valuable addition to SAP’s solution landscape….

Intended Audience

This book is intended for the following audience:

  • Executives looking for ways of reducing their costs through process optimization, status management and process visibility

  • Project team members using SAP EM related functionality

  • System Architects who need to know about the best kept secret at SAP in order to possibly utilize it in future designs

Table of Contents

The book covers the following areas (click the links for a preview of the chapter):

  • Chapter 1 gives an executive overview of SAP EM describing what it is, what it comprises of, where the benefits lie and ultimately what value it brings to the table. This is a must read for the executives and system architects of companies.

  • Chapter 2 describes the technical architecture covering its core services, deployment options and the differences between the various releases.

  • Chapter 3 covers the application system giving details behind what is available on the side of the solution where the events and processes are generated.

  • Chapter 4 covers SAP Event Management giving the details behind what is available on the SAP EM system, what functionality lies there and what it’s used for.

  • Chapter 5 provides an implementation methodology showing the steps required to implement SAP EM at your organization successfully.

  • Chapter 6 provides general useful information on SAP EM including a troubleshooting guide.

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      Author's profile photo Christopher Solomon
      Christopher Solomon
      Nice work, Kevin! Having seen you in action working with (and even helping SAP "fix" haha) Event Mgmt wayyyyyy back in it's earliest of days, I know this has been a long time coming. I know folks will appreciate you lending your experience (and time). By the way, yours seems quite timely....seems another one blogged about just the past week or so....

      SAP PRESS new book release (Mar 01) - "Implementing and Configuring SAP Event Management (EM)"

      Maybe I need to get with it and get on a book on HCM P&F or ESS or MSS or...heck...who am I time. hahaha Congrats again. Proud of you!

      Author's profile photo Kevin Wilson
      Kevin Wilson
      Blog Post Author
      Thanks Chris, I appreciate your kind words.
      Actually I had a few solid resources from SAP EM development help edit the book so as to ensure I give as solid an account of SAP EM as possible.
      I have had many run-ins with SAP to correct some code and SAP EM has been pretty solid. I only had 1 issue where they ended up providing an OSS note fix for performance reasons.
      Regarding you writing a book, I think it's time mate, no excuses, time to dump that extensive pool of knowledge on to paper....
      Author's profile photo Kevin Wilson
      Kevin Wilson
      Blog Post Author
      Oh yes, and regarding the other book coming out, authored by Sandeep, that covers the standard Visibility processes provided for by SAP.

      Sandeep will be the first to tell you that we worked together at the same client where he gained his knowledge on SAP EM. I could only work remotely and part time at Sandeep's client on SAP EM as I was implementing SAP EM at 2 other clients at the same time. He therefore had to bare the brunt of all the design effort and config that I was throwing at him. It was fun and a great enthusiastic client to work for.

      He was a fast learner and had a great thirst for knowledge which has now made it's way in to a book by SAP Press. I wish him all the best with his book as well. The more people that know about the best kept secret of SAP the better for all... clients and service providers alike.