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CRM 7.0 Interaction Center: Enable Navigation from Interaction Record to Business Activity View in Interaction Center

In a previous blog, “CRM 7.0 Interaction Center: Replacement of IC-Specific Business Transactions with Generic CRM WebClient Business Transactions“, I unveiled SAP’s strategy for allowing customers to phase out usage of the old IC-specific business transactions, and replace them with the newer, more powerful and more flexible, CRM WebClient equivalents. As mentioned in the blog entry, beginning with CRM 7.0, SAP has changed the default-delivery customizing in the Interaction Center to make use of the new, generic CRM WebClient business transactions (the same transaction delivered with other non-IC roles like Sales Pro, Service Pro, and Marketing Pro) rather than the old IC-specific transaction such as the IC Service Ticket, IC Sales Ticket, etc. Don’t worry: the old IC-specific transactions are still available for use in the IC and can be switched back on through configuration, and that SAP will continue to support the old IC-specific business transactions during CRM 7.0; however these old IC-specific transactions will no longer be maintained and will not receive additional features or improvement (such as performance enhancements). See the SAP Note 1408382 for details.


In this update I wanted to announce one additional important piece of information. As of CRM 7.0 support package 6 (SP06), it is also now possible to enable navigation from the standard Interaction Record view to the CRM WebClient Business Activity view inside the Interaction Center. Please see SAP Note 1424852 (Interaction Record: Enable Navigation to Business Activity) for full details. Basically, a new tablink labeled Activity Details can be added to the standard Interaction Record view, allowing the user to toggle over to the Business Activity view (note: the user can return to the standard Interaction Record view via the Save and Back button in the Business Activity, the Menu, or the breadcrumb navigation tool). The Business Activity view offers more fields and assignment blocks than is available in the standard Interaction Record view, as well as additional functionality such as the Activity Journal. However, by default the Business Activity view does not include certain features available in the standard Interaction Record view such as support for multi-level categorization (though multi-level categorization can be added to any business transaction on a project basis).


In order to enable the Activity Details tablink in the standard Interaction Record of the Interaction Center, you need to manually make the following configuration changes (after first applying SAP Note 1424852 or SP06 of CRM 7.0):


1. Go to Customizing for Customer Relationship Management under Interaction Center WebClient -> Basic Functions -> Define Navigation Bar Profile.  


2. Select your navigation bar profile (for example, IC Agent) and go to “Define Generic Outbound Plug Mappings”.


3. Go to the object type “BT126_INR” with the object action “Display”.                     


4. Change the logical link ID from IC_BT_INR to IC_BT_INRD.        


5. Assign the changed navigation bar profile to your business role in Customizing for Customer Relationship Management under UI Framework -> Business Roles -> Define Business Role.  


Additional Comment: Please note that the Activity Details tablink will be inactive/disabled until the user saves the Interaction Record (by e.g., pressing the Save button). After the Interaction Record has been saved, the Activity Details hyperlink will become active/enabled and the user will be able to click on it to toggle to the Business Activity view.




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  • Hi John,

    Thanks for Such a valuable information.

    i have done all the steps as you mentioned in BLOG and implemented the sap note 1424852 as in your last screen shot i can see .Now after saving the business Activity transaction when i am click on Activity details Tab, I am not able to see the Questionnaire tab there as shown in your last screen shot . Please help me in this as we want the survey questionnaire in Activity transaction type through configuration.

    Thanks for your help,


    Ramji Gupta
    Senior Consultant
    HCL Axon

    • Hello Ramji,

      Configuration of the Business Activity is actually a separate topic (and one that I am unfortunately not familiar with myself). But the configuration of the Business Activity is not related to the described functionality above which simply allows you to display the Business Activity in the IC (by toggling from the standard IC Interaction Record).

      Best regards,

      • Hi John,

        Thanks for your blog.

        We are running employee interaction center in CRM 5

        I want to know what is new in CRM 7 compare to CRM 5.

        Can you please let me know.


  • Nice blog John! We ended up doing lot of custom configuration and development (plug changes in BP Interaction history, Interaction history work center result list etc) in CRM 2007.
    • Hello,

      Unfortunately there are no current plans to downport/backport this new functionality to CRM 2007. Hopefully when you upgrade to CRM 7.0 you can get rid of some of your custom development (as CRM 7.0 also offers new features like configurable Interaction History in IC).

      Best regards,

  • Hi John,

    We have implemented CRM 7.0 with EHP1. We did our configuration as per the steps you have mentioned above for enabling Business Activity from Interaction record and we can see the business activity too. But we can’t see the “breadcrumb navigation tool” which you have mentioned above.

    In our case “Save”, “Edit” and “Back” buttons are there but we “ More” button too so that we can see the “Print Preview” of the smart form attached to this interaction record.

    Please provide some guidance.Its very urgent.

    Thanks and Regards


    • Hello Kumar,

      The “Breadcrumbs” is actually not located under the “More” button. Rather, the breadcrumbs are the blue “Back” arrow and drop down list box located in the upper right, below the Saved Searches. If it doesn’t show up on your screen, it is likely a configuration issue unrelated to the functionality discussed above in this blog.

      Best regards,