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Winter Storms and Emergency Management

Winter storms cause significant disruption, and the recent snowstorm series across the mid-atlantic was an example of not only regional, but national disruption of business and routine, even affecting tourism business in South Florida.

Social Networking tools are increasingly part of both government and community methods to communicate and share information.  From Park Police blogs addressing their patrol rescue missions, to DC Government using twitter to ensure snowplow coverage, and mobile phone alerts for closings and emergency status updates.

park policeBut we also need Government to allocate its critical resources – people and equipment, to the priority areas.  Priorities as determined – ie to get the road clear to reach to downed trees, to remove the trees, to restore power.   DC Govt is working virtually to accomplish this.

The challenge for goverment, especially with limited budgets and resources, is to identify how its resources are being used, and also to leverage workforce scheduling and employment of a combination of DC government Federal Govt, volunteer, and contracted resources.   A key document recently released that identifies interdependencies and the need for collaboration is the Quadrennial Homeland Security Review.

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      Anthony, I totally agree with your post and we are starting to work with utilities to ensure they collaborate during 'peace time' to ensure that when an emergency situation arises, they have a well prepared response program in place. This response ensure effective use of resources, optimized scheduling, forecasting and planning. In fact all of the solutions are available as SAP SOLEX offering - SAP Workforce Scheduling and Optimization. Happy to discuss this further. You may be interested in this blog post ->
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      Good points about scheduling, forecasting and planning.  This is the type of end-to-end capability that government can leverage across departments to get the right resources to the right place.  And the "Enterprise" capability with Solution Extensions such as yours just add more value to existing investments in software built to work seamlessly on a single enterprise platform.
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      Anthony, are you aware of the public security solution that SAP have developed with ClickSoftware for optimized shift scheduling? It is currently being implemented at a Fire Department in the UK. Would love to share some details and also send you our solution for disaster management.
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      Witalij Rudnicki
      Hi Anthony. SDN is global, and not US community. People might be out of context reading your discussion about "recent windstorm", "mid-atlantic" and "DC".