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Hi everyone,


It’s been a while since I updated my blog last time.

I know some of you have been waiting for more information around GTM, but please understand I have been really busy with other stuffs and no time to do.

In 2010, I will try to publish some and hope helps you understand GTM more.


My first one in 2010 is about how to use Position Management (PM) without Trading Execution Workbench (TEW).

I  was a little bit surprised many people, who are working for GTM for years, don’t aware of this enhancement.  So I have decided to get this published as first one in 2010.


In case you don’t know SAP Global Trade Management (GTM) – Position Management, please read my past blog by clicking the link.


Don’t know SAP Global Trade Management (GTM)?  Come on, okay click the link and now you know what they are.


1. Position Management past and now 

In past, TEW was a mandatory to use Position Management, but we have had some feedback from the existing GTM customers about the option does not require TEW.

So we have enhanced some logic and enables users to use PM without TEW since ERP 6.0 (EhP4).

Here is how to do.

1. You need to activate TEW and PM in the GTM customize, ‘Active Components’.

(I know you will say ‘you said I don’t need TEW’ when you hear this, but clam down. Tips I am telling you is to fool the system you pretend to use TEW, but actually not)

So now system thinks you are going to use PM with TEW as normal.


2. Implement a BAdI method: SET_TEW_DISABLED under BAdI: WB2_ADDITIONAL_DATA.

Insert the following coding.

‘e_disabled = ‘X’.’

That’s it?  Yes, that’s it!


Now you can use PM Without implementing TEW.

But you need to keep this in mind.

Since you decide not to use TEW, you lost some benefits in PM-TEW like ‘On the Fly’, ‘Mode Assocition’.

What you can do is only association between sales contract(s) and purchase contract(s).

You need to come out an idea for logistics execution phase before go this direction.


2. Does that really work and stable?

Yes, it does and as a matter of fact, two customers use this option and run production as of Jan 2010.

If you really understand the benefits and drawbacks of this option, this option may be really reasonale in terms of GTM implementation TCO.


Thanks for your reading and glad to hear your thoghts!



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  1. Former Member
    Hi guys – i have two questions –

    does GTM work on 4.7×110 or 4.7×200 and are we required to enable any industry addons or just the EA-GLTRADE exetnsion..

    does GTM work in a brokering situation where goods are not receipted or issued from any plant (i.e third party sales orders)

    1. Nobuhiro Kusumoto

      As I answered in a different sled, but here are my answers;

      > does GTM work on 4.7×110 or 4.7×200 and are we required to enable any industry addons or just the EA-GLTRADE exetnsion?

      Yes, GTM does work on both releases, but you need to make sure delta functionalities in between.
      No industry add-ons required to activate GTM.
      Just go to Tr-cd: SWF5 and activate EA-GLTRADE.
      If you run ERP6.0, you need to activate business function set as needed.

      > does GTM work in a brokering situation where goods are not receipted or issued from any plant (i.e third party sales orders)?

      This is a tough question to answer because it depends on the current processes and requirements.

      I, however, would say this process called ‘Back to Back (Drop/Direct) shipment’ in trading.
      Normally create a 2 sided T/C and generate a S/O and a P/O automatically from a T/C and execute delivery as a service confirmation, then billing and LIV.
      With TEW, you are able to automate logistics pieces like run above 3 transaction at one time.
      Without TEW, it’s pretty straight forward process with SD/MM.

      If you don’t need a S/O and P/O and only need financial transaction, think about Agency Business module (LO-AB).

      Hope this answers your questions.



      1. Former Member
        thanks mr GTM! Your a champion.

        For the Back to Back – does the service confirmation in TW actually generate a material movement documnet in MM? This is what we are trying to avoid as we are never handling the goods at any plant and as such do not want the standard material movements / deliveries.

        1. Nobuhiro Kusumoto

          Literally B2B is that the product is shipped from supplier to customer directly, no GR/GI.

          You don’t have to use TEW just for this.
          You can build this scenario with SD/MM too.
          In GTM (TEW), we streamline an end to end process through GTM interface.




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