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Podcast: How it Works – SAP CE BPM and PI – Get Connected!

SAP NetWeaver Business Process Management (BPM) involves both people and systems. With the new functionality of BPM in SAP NetWeaver 7.20, this development process becomes much easier.

The Composite Environment (CE) is already the preferred environment to develop user interfaces and interactions. With the new features in BPM, it gives us another option in the coordination and orchestration of messages between systems.

Due to the easiness of connecting to SAP and 3rd party business systems and applications, Processing Integration is still preferred for system integration.

In this pod cast, we will take a look at how to take advantage of both environments (CE BPM and PI), and provides a high level view for development in both CE and PI.

Click on the “Download Media” link to view the pod cast.

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    • Hi,
      TechEd 2009 had a hands-on session, SOA263, talking about this very topic.

      The solution document of the exercise contains step-by-step guide, focusing on the BPM model design in CE.

      If you went to TechEd 2009 or know of someone who did, you should be able to download the document and the presentation.


      • Hi Bill, I went through SOA263 to understand the communication options to trigger BPM(7.3) from PI(7.3). In SOA263 exercise, to trigger the BPM process, SOAP is being used instead of WS-RM. Any specific reason why WS-RM was not used And Is it possible to use WS-RM to trigger BPM process in NW 7.3?  I am currently facing issues with cache update when i activte the receiver agreement that uses WS-RM. Any inputs around this area are highly appreciated. Thanks.

        • By default, WS-RM is used in BPM.  As for cache errors, have you tried to manually execute full-cache refresh?  You may need to contact the basis person to identify the problem.  Sorry I cannot really help here.



          • Bill,

            Thanks for the confirmation that WS-RM will work with BPM process. Before spending too much time, just wanted to have a check point. I have already done the full-cache refresh manually. Tried debugging the programmatic refresh provided by one of the notes. I will take it from here.


  • Having said “The Composite Environment (CE) is already the preferred environment to develop user interfaces and interactions”

    Wondering what will be the future of xAPPS where most of the customer (SAP Suggested) build their own customization?


    • Hi,
      Sorry about the confusion.  This does not apply to xApps.

      In many integration scenario involving PI, when user interactions are required, most developers turn to CE to develop those interfaces.  PI is designed for messaging between systems and applications, with minimum capability for user-interaction.


    • Hi Sekhar

      I don’t see a problem here. xApps have been based on the Composite Application Framework (CAF), which is part of the SAP NetWeaver Java Application Server. CAF still is a major part of CE. Future xApps (if called this way) will therefore be based on CE.

      Regards Kilian

  • Hi William, I do not see the Download Media link. Is the link broken? Can you please check and provide the media if possible? Currently, I am evaluating the possibility of migration of ccBPM to Netweaver BPM.Thanks.