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Getting Started

BSP Tutorial  

Part 1 – Introduction and beginning elements, sample data. Part 2 – Building the CLASSES and ITERATORS. Part 3 – Putting your pages in place. Part 4 – Extended Features . Part 5 – Conclusions.

Graphic Tutorial              (PDF 842 KB)

This document describes the step by step activities to be performed while creating and executing a simple BSP. It is suitable for budding BSP developers who need a graphic start up.

More on BSP

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BSP Utility Classes  

Set Your WAS 6.10 System To Work – Transport Tracking with RSS  

Has your free test-drive WAS 6.10 system been gathering virtual dust since you installed it? Tired of fiddling around aimlessly? Put it to some use and start tracking your development transports via RSS! This article shows you how to build a BSP application to produce an RSS feed of up-to-date transport system information so you can track what’s going on in your favorite RDF Site Summary (RSS) reader.

Using External Tools to Generate PDF Output from BSPs  

This article describes how to generate PDF output from BSPs using external software tools.

Basic Development in BSP

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BSP Table Views

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BSP Model View Binding

Important lessons involving BSP Model View Binding and a Frozen Burrito  

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