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SAP PI7.1: Selecting the Application Profile

It was in October – 2009 when I started with this blog; but then held it back!


Why? Thought, will this basic write-up ever help anybody? However, when one of the fellow SDNer faced a Re: PI 7.11 Adapter Metadata due to this I was prompted to complete this weblog.

Now after this trailer, let us start with the movie 🙂

When I accessed Enterprise Services Builder for the first time, I was greeted by a small surprise; I was actually asked to select a relevant Application Profile! Looking at the options available in the dropdown I was, at first, a bit astonished. I thought how can we define the access for ourselves? But then realized, the options do not help you to choose roles for you but creates a pre-defined object-view.


Application Profile is actually a pre-defined view of the Enterprise Services Builder which allows the user to view (and hence create) objects as per the needs. This feature has been introduced in SAP PI7.1 (with fixed options) and in SAP PI7.1 with EHP1 (with fixed as well as customizable variant).

Depending on the profile, that we select from the available options, we will be able to view the below mentioned ESR objects in SAP PI7.1:


(Apologies for the image quality, had to shrink the diagram due to space constraint) 

To change the Application Profile:

If due to some reason we need to change the selected Application Profile, then even it is allowed and can be done as shown in the below diagram:


To check which objects are available corresponding to the selected Application Profile, one can refer the above mentioned table or can make use of the Select Object Types option as shown in the diagram. Select Object Types also allows you to further limit/ choose the objects (from the one available for your Application Profile) as per your requirement.

SAP PI7.1 with Ehp1 came with an additional benefit of allowing the user to create need-based usage profiles. The user in this context refers to the System Administrator. The detailed procedure to create a usage profile is defined in this help section

Application Profile should be considered as an option to restrict the type of objects that we see in ESR. This not only helps to provide a restricted access but also helps the developer to quickly search for the objects of his/ her needs from the one available.

So the next time you start working on a newly installed SAP PI7.1 (or Ehp1) system and find a complete set of objects missing, then check with your usage profile before checking with your BASIS team.

This is all folks! Thanks for taking out time to read this blog. I hope that it will benefit you to some extent.

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      Can you provide more information on "Custom profile" in EHP1.
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      Good and usefull information.