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The new ASAP Methodology For Implementation released

During 2009, behind-the-scenes work was undertaken to harmonize the way we project manage SAP implementations. The result is the new ASAP Methodology For Implementations. The new ASAP Methodology brings together the previous ASAP methodology, BISA (Business Intelligence Solution Accelerator) methodology, Value Delivery principles, Business Process Management methodology, and Service-Oriented Architecture methodology.

The two highly visible components of the ASAP Methodology are:

The ASAP Roadmap 7.0. It covers the entire project life-cycle – from evaluation through delivery to post project solution management and operations as well as the value, process and application life-cycle. The new ASAP Roadmap 7.0 has been made more lean, increasing its practicality. The new ASAP methodology provides transparency of value delivery through consistent business case reflection and ensures efficient guidance for Service Oriented Architecture (SOA), Business Process Management (BPM) and traditional implementation projects.

The ASAP Business add-ons that extend the ASAP Roadmap with modular business implementation content. The business add-ons provide proven implementation content for implementation of various industry solutions, solutions packages, and other related areas such as Agile Methodology, BPM, SOA, and EA Governance and Strategy frameworks. ASAP Business add-ons will be delivered later in the first half of the year.

You will be able to access the new ASAP Methodology For Implementation via SAP  Solution Manager, SAP Service Marketplace, and AcceleratedSAP (ASAP) Methodology and Business Add-Ons.

ASAP Methodology for Implementation

I’m looking forward to hear your ongoing expertise comments, ideas and experiences in the use of the new ASAP Methodology For Implementation and I am welcoming you to join the new Forum:

Forum: ASAP Methodology and Project Management

ASAP Methodology for Implementation

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  • Adam,

    you can go through the HTML version of the roadmap on SAP Service Marketplace – –> select the ASAP Implementation Roadmap on the left side navigation bar and then you should see the ‘Launch the HTML Version’ button there to read it.

    Best Regards, Jan

    • Hello Jennifer,

      the ASAP 7.0 contains no solution specific content. The soltion and industry specific content will be released in second half of 2010 with the Business Add-ons for ASAP 7.0. We do have Business Objects products on the list of business add-ons for delivery in 2010. The actual schedule is being finalized so I can not promis exact delivery dates just yet.

      The ASAP content provides for generic project approach and project specific deliverables. The BISA specific content will be solutin specific and will leverage the standard project deliverables of ASAP 7.0.

  • Hi Ann,
    I went through the HTML version of the new methodology. Do you have any details on which areas have been changed? ( I mean, something like a delta document). It will help us focus on whats new and whats changed since the earlier version.


    • Ashu,

      there is a short answer and long one – short one is that no single topic, accelerators or link had been untouched in this update.

      The longer answer is that the following content has seen the most significant changes:
      – Business Process Management – epxand traditional implementation to BPM / SOA space
      – OCM – completely re-designed to align with current practices
      – Training – completely updated
      – Project Management – fully aligned with PMI PMBOK with significant updates to templates
      – Technical Solution Management – major revision of the content
      – Integrated Solution Management – completely aligned with SAP practice for solution testing
      – Data Management – significantly extended with practices for data governance and data management
      – Completely new Run phase for management of solution post go-live; aligned with Run SAP methodology and application lifecycle management process / standards

      And many more improvements in terms of up to date accelerators, samples, templates that are included in the roadmap.