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SAP Career Outlook 2010: The Intersection of Talent and Community

Devote 20 minutes to reflect on your career today!

If you can find a few minutes, I recommend you read Jon Reed’s latest career advice and career trends in 2010.

Jon Reed is an SCN Mentor and a familiar face to many of you already.  His professional experience includes almost 15 years of analyzing the SAP career market. He has also worked as a recruiter for SAP clients so, Jon understands first-hand what makes some candidates more marketable than others.  He is also keenly aware of how to use social networks to enhance one’s career advancement, and what tactics are most likely to back fire.  His perspectives might surprise you!

The document Jon created is divided into two parts.

SAP Career Outlook 2010 – Part One: Creating a Winning SAP Skills Strategy for 2010  It focuses on defining a winning skills strategy for 2010. 

  • How to stay marketable in any economy
  • The convergence of business and technical skills
  • How to combine generalization and specialization

SAP Career Outlook 2010 – Part Two: Beyond the Social Networking Hype: Achieving SAP Career Visibility  Part two examines how to market your skills using social networking, and what the “hot” skills are in 2010. 

  • How to achieve career visibility in 2010
  • The do’s and dont’s of social networking for career success
  • “Hot Skills” roundup

Below is a sneak peek:

“Here’s an all-too-common mistake:

Do a quick, superficial blog on SCN >> blast the link to that blog out on Twitter >> post my availability as a status update on LinkedIn >> wait for the job offers to roll in

There’s nothing implicitly wrong with this approach, except for the fact that it rarely works. It doesn’t lead to job offers, and it doesn’t get to that deeper question of personal fulfillment either.

When a “quick broadcast” approach like this doesn’t work, the most common response is to get new SAP training in a “hot” area and try the whole “blasting my availability” approach over again. It doesn’t work with the new training either.

That’s why I advocate a totally different approach. Start deeper: approach your SAP career from the vantage point of “thought leadership.” Now, some people really hate this phrase and find it pretentious, and perhaps it is. But the phrase is less important than the message behind it.

What I like about aspiring to “thought leadership” is that it challenges us to raise the bar on ourselves, to really become experts, to stand out from the crowd based on our passion for learning and how that translates into visible achievements. In the end, it doesn’t matter if we are considered the world’s biggest expert in our chosen area. What matters is that we had something ambitious…” – Jon ReedYou can also access the white paper on Jon Reed’s website.

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      I have tried to be the type of coach that proactively encourages my staff to find time to develop and manage their careers. It is often difficult in IT with endless deadlines and projects to make this time available. If you are in a coaching role, I encourage you to help your team members make career development a part of their work habits. This weblog is a helpful launching point. The many tools available in the community today are both encouraging and overwhelming to folks. Lead the way!
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      Thanks, Ken!  I hope the white paper is helpful in your coaching. Yes, the amount of career info out there on the net is overwhelming. One of the great things about Jon Reed’s work and his recent white paper is that his recommendations are very actionable and apply specifically to folks who are building their careers around SAP. Jon also addresses topics that we always get questions on, such as how to leverage social networking sites for reputation building and career advancement.  As we continue to develop the Career Center on SCN, there will be additional tools and career related information available to SCN members. Please continue to send us your feedback.