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Opening up the SAP Fortress through Google Wave

Google Wave and the Enterprise

My company, Bouvet, recently (29.01.2010) had a free seminar in Oslo (Norway) where the topic was how Google’s vision will influence companies in the years to come. The seminar was overbooked, and we ended up with 60 participants from Norway’s largest companies. The country manager for Google, Jan Grønbech, talked in general about Google, whereas I presented a presentation named “Why and how the Enterprise should harness the power of Google Wave”.


In the presentation I bring up the concept of the SAP Fortress. The SAP fortress syndrome refers to the isolation major business systems often experience in large IT landscape, both from a organisational and IT technical view. It is therefore in no way specific to SAP. Only by opening up the information and processes the business system fortresses own and control, can we fully utilize new user experience technology such as Google Wave. Enjoy the presentation!


(if the presentation is not shown above, please visit )


SAP Mentors, the SAP Community and SAP themselves have been quick to identify the potential of Google Wave and investigated how it can be intergrated with existing SAP software. See the Google Wave wiki page for more information.

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      Author's profile photo Bernhard Escherich
      Bernhard Escherich
      Hi Dagfinn,

      thanks for your interesting blog. I am very interested in Google Wave and I have written a first blog about Wave.

      But I think all of us are missing the point: In order to get a broader adoption in the Enterprises we must detail the scenarios where Wave can be used in combination with SAP. At the moment we all write blogs about cool technical stuff. Fine. But why should a CEO/ CIO spent money on it?

      The process design example with Google Wave from the Research colleagues and others was fine but now we all need to describe more of the real life examples in detail.

      What do you think?

      best regards,

      Author's profile photo Dagfinn Parnas
      Dagfinn Parnas
      Hi Bernhard,

      My main goal with the presentation is to show that we're on the verge for a pardigm shift with regards to how the enterprise does collaboration and communication. This pardigm shift is being fueld by bringing business context into processes which require ad-hoc collaboration.

      Google Wave is not the only new technology trying to do this, but its innovation at the protocol and platform level is showing the path forward.

      This innovation will be easy for other products to utilize and the products themselves may be more tailored to the business environment than Google Wave; see for example the ESME (

      Getting the CIOs to understand the importance of such an open protocol and platform is crucial in  driving us forward.

      To answer your question; yes, we need to focus more on the scenarios. SAP with their extensive knowledge of business processes can be a major player for facilitating such discussions.

      Dagfinn Parnas