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Author's profile photo Romaric SOKHAN

A long-awaited feature in WebIntelligence

Following my previous blog post, i wanted to point out the most interesting capability made available using Extension Points.

I will show how you can inject some code in your webi DHTML interface. Hopefully this very simple example will be a little “eye-opener” on the potential of this feature for anyone who deals with webi.

Note: Make sure the customization is enabled, please refer to Simply customize your WebIntelligence User Interface.

title: “My own custom button”,
iconURL: “customize/samples/hello.jpg”,
align: “left”,        //left, right
targetPage: “customize/samples/Left_Panel/hello.jsp”,
appendViewerContextParameters: true


This will create a new button on the left panel of the report and call a JSP page where we inserted a small javascript message.

Just create the hello.jsp page with the following javascript code:

alert (“Hello world!”);

Now, as soon as a user will access this new button, this will call the javascript messagebox alert…Simple isn’t it?

And the great news is that you can leverage this JSP with Report Engine SDK (REBEAN) in order to interact with the webintelligence report (note: only available using DHTML viewer)

Now let’s look at some real-life examples of application (any other ideas welcome)

– Create your own treeview with Javascript’s JQUERY / AJAX that will list the measures and dimensions and replace them dynamically in the report

– Create a form that will insert/update/delete datas from your report.

– Access a third-party application like Google Maps to visualize the locations mentionned in your report.

If you have other ideas/suggestions or questions, maybe we can discuss its feasibility on this blog.


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      Author's profile photo Former Member
      Former Member
      The code i had pasted on User.js file and restarted the server, but the button i can view, after clicking i am getting http 404 error,
      please help me on this
      Author's profile photo Romaric SOKHAN
      Romaric SOKHAN
      Blog Post Author
      Hi Naveen,
      if you can see the button this is a good start! The reason why you get a 404 error is that the targetPage parameter in the user.js doesn't point to an existing jsp file or redirect to an incorrect folder. Make sure you spelled everything correctly and respect the upper/lower cases.

      Also make sure you clear you browser's cache after each try.

      I usually use Fiddler2 ( to debug HTTP errors

      Let me know

      Author's profile photo Former Member
      Former Member
      Hi Romaric.

      We are finding your posts really useful as we start to understand the possibilities stemming from Extension Points, so thank you.

      A question for you - can you use Extension Points to assign "hyperlink" as the default format to a variable?

      We want to populate a variable with a URL, and want this variable to become a hyperlink as soon as it's added to a table, without the user having to right-click and select "Read Content As Hyperlink".

      Any assistance gratefully received!