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Author's profile photo Michal Krawczyk

PI/XI: how to preserve values from communication channels during importing?

As we all know some of the communication channel parameters get overwritten
during the import procedure. This is actually good as we don’t want to
have an activated channel on production that would pick up the files from DEV/TEST
environment and as those values get overwritten you cannot activate the channel
so it’s safe until you manually put correct values inside it. But there are times
when preserving those channel parameters might be useful and it can safe a lot of time
like migrations to a new environment or different sorts of recoveries.


There is no standard SAP supported way of doing this so please keep in mind
that the way proposed in this blog is not SAP recommended – it’s just a workaround.

Let’s take an example and try to preserve value of the Source Directory of the file adapter
as in standard during the importing procedure it would get replaced with a default value -> ‘/’.

1. When we open Enteprise Services Repository you can find SAP BASIS SWCV
and underneath namespace –

2. Open this namespace and go to adapter metadata.

3. Open file adapter metadata and go to the change mode (you need to make your SWCV – SAP BASIS
editable first)

4. Search for file.sourceDir attribute and it should look like the one in the Figure below:

5. As you can see there is a field – Flag with nonTransportable option checked

6. Remove this flag so it will look like in the Figure below:

7. Save and activate.

7. Now you can export and import the communication channel and you will see that
for all file channels field sourceDir (availabe in the sender File adapter) was
the same as before the import – so it was not changed.

8. You can do it for all other fields which have the nonTransportable flag option.


1. This procedure does not work for password fields.

2. This procedure is not SAP recommended – use it at your own risk.


I’d like to thank Mariusz Marczak for this excellent idea.

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      Author's profile photo Former Member
      Former Member
      Most useful piece of information! Thank you so much!
      Author's profile photo Former Member
      Former Member
      Very nice and useful thing. thanks.
      Author's profile photo Shabarish Vijayakumar
      Shabarish Vijayakumar
      Guess SAP should provide this as a standard feature.

      As one of my friend was mentioning, it can be a great option for XI/PI migration projects

      Author's profile photo Former Member
      Former Member
      Thanks, Michal, very useful!

      I can add a little workaround so this will also work for password fields - at your own risk of course... 🙂

      In the adapter metadata xml, change all occurrences of Attribute isPassword="true" to "false".

      ( this is also a way to display a forgotten password on a channel! )

      Remember to import the metadata xml on both source and target system.

      I have tested this with XI 3.0 SP20 as source and PI 7.1 EHP1 SP04 as target. It works.

      Just remember, if source and target are different XI/PI versions:
      1. Import the source SAP_BASIS version on the target system before importing your channel configurations.
      2. Use Environment / Clear SLD Data cache on target system if already in Int.Builder configuration.
      3. Before activating your change list, make a new version of the imported channels (where metadata was changed) using the current SAP_BASIS version metadata for the target system and reject changes for the imported channels.
      4. When no more channel imports are needed, delete the extra SAP_BASIS version from the target system again.

      1 + 4 may not be needed, but I am not quite sure it will always work if the source SAP_BASIS can not be found on the target system.

      Even if you never activate the imported channels, it may sometimes still make sense to import them in order to see the full configuration for the channels, including passwords. There may be situations where you do not have access to the source system when working on the target system. Then it is very convenient to have a full configuration visible. This eliminates the need for extra documentation, like screenshots, to complete the configuration.

      Note the following when doing the password trick:
      1. You may want to check SAP Note Number 1240862 "Incorrect password returned when ispassword=false in AMD"
      2. Be sure to revert to the original SAP_BASIS version as soon as you have done your changes.
      3. Try to avoid changing SAP_BASIS while other users are changing/activating channels. This may lead to confusion and possibly inconsistencies/errors.

      Thanks again for sharing this idea!



      Author's profile photo Former Member
      Former Member little thing:

      I wrote: "Remember to import the metadata xml on both source and target system".

      Here I assume that you have the same SAP_BASIS version on source and target system. If not, import the extra (source) version on the target side as described. The import of metadata xml on the target side should then be done in this extra SAP_BASIS version, not the original.

      - Mauri