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Merging Sales and Service in an Opportunity

In this Blog I would like to highlight, that in the Opportunity it is possible to add Product- and also Services Positions. This is really important when you want to sell e.g. a Laptop and also the according Implementation Service of a Software to the Customer.

The attached Video demonstrates how a Sales Professional creates an Opportunity including Sales and Service Positions. In this case a product named “Powerpack” consisting of the two Components “Laptop” and “Consulting” Services. To add a Service to an Opportunity it is important that the Item Category for the Service SRVP, stands for Service Product Items, is customized in the System. The Sales Professional releases the “Consulting Service” and as a result, the required Service for the according Opportunity automatically appears in the Service Demand List. Therefore he jumps to the Resource Planning View and sees the current Service Demands. The Sales Professional does not need to log in and out to get this Resource Planning View, he sees it directly in his role.

In the Resource Planning Tool, he sees also the available Resources at a certain timeframe. The Sales Professional checks the available Resources in the Resource Calendar and assigns a Service Engineer to his Demand. Finally he schedules the Time and the Date. The Service Engineer is then informed via a short message on his Mobile Phone about his upcoming request.


The Assignments of the resources can be also be done automatically based on certain criteria like:

  • Skills from a skills catalog
  • Availability
  • Experience
  • Other customer defined criteria


Check out the demo here.

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