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Common Objections to SAP Safeguarding by Partners

SAP Safeguarding is a proactive premium maintenance program that is focused on the protection of the technical quality of a customer solution regardless of its position within the application lifecycle.  SAP Safeguarding is a program that is unique in its value proposition and delivery methodology.




This contributes to some confusion and resistance about the program within the partner community.  This blog post is intended to identify and address some of the common partner-related objections. Revenue Competition One of the main areas of concern is related to the competition for customer spend.  Whether the customer opts for a SAP MaxAttention or SAP Safeguarding program, there will be a need for a small allocation of customer spend.  An engagement of a premium maintenance program is an engagement with the entire AGS organization with access to all of its expertise.




Even the largest and most strategic SAP MaxAttention engagements cost less than 2% of total project spend.   SAP Safeguarding programs are more focused to specific solutions and/or project phases which equate to proportionately lower costs than SAP MaxAttention.  In other words, the premium maintenance programs are low cost and high value that should not have a material impact from a revenue perspective to the partner community. Project Work Competition Often we are asked whether or not SAP Safeguarding competes for project task work.  As a program that is focused on the proactive protection of technical quality, it is not within our charter to deliver project task work.  The core competency of SAP Active Global Support (AGS) is performance, stability, and operations.




With that said, AGS does not develop, design, architect, blueprint, or configure a customer solution.   AGS defers all “build” related activities to the implementation teams and focuses on technical quality of the solution that was “built” by the implementation team.  This is accomplished through the execution of quality gates with recommendation based deliverables.   Our premium maintenance programs should be viewed as a complimentary part of every project so that every solution implemented has been technically reviewed by SAP. Quality Program Redundancy Strategic integrators (including SAP Consulting) possess the core competency of realizing business requirements within an SAP solution.  They are better equipped to deliver quality programs focused on functional and program management areas.   AGS is best equipped to deliver quality programs focused exclusively on technical quality.  In the event that both strategic integrator and AGS are engaged in a quality role, both entities need to collaborate to leverage the best of both worlds to minimize redundancy and maximize customer value In conclusion, a proper understanding of SAP’s premium maintenance programs will give the partner community the freedom to openly embrace.    Having proactive access to product engineers has proven to be a key success factor for many partner led (and SAP led) implementations.    Although customer success can never be guaranteed, a program like SAP Safeguarding ensures that SAP plays a critical role with little to no negative impact to our partner community.

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  • I have seen safeguarding being used and I think it is a good offering. But I do have some questions/comments.

    1. I think it needs a better name. “Safeguarding” implies you are on a dangerous road unless SAP comes and helps you. So I can see why some partners feel bad about it.

    2. Coming near the end of the mission usually means there is not enough time for implementation teams to fix issues identified.

    3. I don’t think Partners worry about revenue part – since customers usually pay for safeguarding on top of implementation services.