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28 January 2010 Postal Bulletin Summary

We’re expecting to see some announcements from the USPS soon, since they have been indicating for a week or more that there will be new postage statements coming for March 14, but this Bulletin is not it – it doesn’t have anything that will affect Postalsoft Presort.

There are a few DMM revisions in this issue, but they affect things unrelated to Presort, like how Move Update assessment charges will be handled and how undeliverable books and sound recordings will be treated. Obviously you want to read through those if you’re affected by them. There is also a section about postal handling of 2010 census materials, including reminders about not obliterating the Intelligent Mail barcode! And there’s all the usual items about minor PO address changes, handling of overseas military mail, etc.

So we’re watching for a Federal Register Notice (FRN) at this point, probably announced with a DMM Advisory email, to detail the postage statement changes we’re expecting. And the next Postal Bulletin will be the first one in an even-numbered month, so expect to see Label List changes coming then.

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