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I’m Romaric and this is my first blog entry….ever ๐Ÿ™‚

I’ve been working for Business Objects for quite a while now. I remember having worked on version 5.1 / 6.x. As a support engineer, it was common for me to receive customer’s request in my backlog related to the customization of the Infoview/WebIntelligence interface. Requests like adding customer’s logo as a splash screen when lauching Webi, or hiding some buttons unneeded by end-users were common.

Unfortunately, it was difficult to fulfil those kind of requests and however sometimes i could see some customers workaround some interface issues by hacking into our code.

This kind of operation can actually suit many customers but some problems can occur regarding the maintenance and supportability of such action.

Since XI 3.1, things have changed. A new feature called “WebIntelligence Extension Points” has been released and is now available for Java Report Panel / Rich Client and DHTML viewer.

In summary, i would consider this feature as a new SDK for the WebIntelligence UI. It is now easier than ever to modify the Webi interface such as adding new buttons to the menu / left panel / toolbar, hiding some unwanted features or buttons, or create your own buttons / functionality. I will get into more details in other sdn /wiki page.

For now on, i would like to show you how easily you can jumpstart customizing your webi application. I will progressively go into more advanced customization possibilities in further blog entries.

Let’s start with a mini project : let’s say a company wants to share webi reports to their employee, but only the reports. The company decides to show only the report to its users thus removing all the panels available and report tabs.

The report currently looks like this :


The easiest way to achieve this is to use the extension points for DHTML.

1- Download the samples


– In <BOBJ INSTALL>Tomcat55webappsAnalyticalReportingWEB-INFclasses

– Edit and update the following line to yes:


– Do not forget to restart Tomcat to take this modification into consideration

 3- Update user.js

– In <BOBJ INSTALL>Tomcat55webappsAnalyticalReportingviewerscdz_advcustomize

– Edit user.js

– Look for the following line and uncomment:


– Clear your browser’s cache, and re-open the document, it should now look like this :


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    1. Former Member Post author
      Hi Jonathan, indeed this feature is also available for .NET.

      Simply go to IIS Manager, you will find the web.config file in AnalyticalReporting web app lication and set ALLOW_CUSTOMIZATION to yes. The user.js is located in the  AnalyticalReporting/Viewer/customize folder

      Some customers already applied Extension Points in Production but be aware that we will only support issues qualified in the API itself (not custom developments made by customers)

  1. Christian Key

    Hi Romaric,

    Thanks for your post. It’s very useful. My user.js file is empty in my BOE XI 3.1 SP4 installation. Is this correct?

    Is there a list of all of the elements / features that I can add to my user.js file to switch them on / off as necessary?



  2. Christophe Duport


    The package “Extension Points for BO XI 3.1 is no longer available at the URL

    I’m trying to find the API documentation and samples for Web Intelligence Extension Points.

    The files are and xi3-2_web_dhtml_customization_and_integration_ext_points_en.pdf

    Could you give me a new link for this feature ?

    Thank in advance.



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