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Podcast: How it Works – IdM Script Debugging

You would like to learn more about how you debug JScripts within SAP NetWeaver Identity Management 7.1?
Check out this podcast.
You will learn details about how to launch the debugger and how you can step through your script code, watch expressions, etc.


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    • But I have a little problem.
      The Podcast tells  me how to debug tasks. Now I’d like to debug the “Request Business Role” Workflow Task with custom approval (as described in your Implementing Pending Approval paper).
      How can I debug this task (and all following) that relies on a person’s MSKEYVALUE and a role’s one and works on PENDING_VALUEs?
      • yes, this podcast is about debugging JavaScript code within tasks and not about “debugging” or rather investigating task trees & flows.
        Not really sure what you are looking for. The task tree is processing logic and you find details about it e.g. in the monitoring tab. Maybe you can post your question with some more details to the forum.
        • Thanks for your reply.
          I use a NotifyApproversByMail Task which is run as an InitializationTask.
          This NotifyApproversByMail is a ToGeneric Task with an EmailNotif-Script which gets its data from the PENDING_VALUE object.
          I could not imagine how I could debug this EmailNotif-Script since I can hardly use “Test Provisioning Task” (because PENDING_VALUE has no MSKEYVALUE)
          But I solved this by using the debug-dispatcher for every job in the approval-task-chain. I ran the Workflow-Task in the UI and was able to debug all the scripts involved.
          Thanks for the hint about the existence of such a script-debugger.
          BR Michael
          • okay, now I get what your problem was.<br/>BTW, all entries in the Identity Store have an MSKEYVALUE :-)<br/>With a Pending Value you can use “Test provisioning task” and use MX_<yourPVO-MSKEY>, e.g. MX_1234.<br/>The MSKEYVALE will always be automatically created even if it is not defined directly …