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PKOM and the SAP Co-Innovation Lab

The SAP Co-Innovation Lab and Global Network is excited to participate in PKOM 2010. This is a premier online partner event where SAP kicks off the new year with partners by sharing our 2010 business direction and getting the information needed by our partners to accelerate customer engagements, capitalize on program enhancements, and to leverage SAP solution innovations. It is an ideal opportunity for partners to discover all of the different ways in which to engage with SAP and our team stands ready to support SAP and its partners to support true co-innovation.

We acted in a similar fashion during the 2009 TechEd season where we additionally hosted expert sessions and other activities showcasing some of the many co-innovation projects SAP pursued with partners last year. 2009 was the first year in which we began to recognize the value of aligning with SAP PartnerEdge and we actually shared pod space together at TechEd in an effort to help our partners take advantage of both programs. Engaging the SAP Co-Innovation Lab through PartnerEdge provides a number of benefits:

For Partners:
– Provides More Comprehensive Partner Development Program
– Greater Fusion of Co-Innovation Project Results and GTM Opportunity
– Builds Proof Points for Establishing Members as SAP Partners

For Customers:
-Opportunity to directly participate in co-innovation with SAP and its ecosystem
-Provides a channel for Voice of the Customer influence to products and services
-Defines Criteria for SAP Ecosystem Partners

As partners work with their partner services advisor to develop partnership goals and helping them to get connected to important SAP initiatives, it will make sense to examine how developing and pursuing a Projects and Initiatives in 2009 can help partners reach these goals.

The SAP Co-Innovation Lab (COIL) Network is a globally distributed set of teams and lab facilities aimed at driving and facilitating innovative projects between SAP and its partners, both globally and in the regions. It offers a hands-on environment for members of the SAP ecosystem to collaboratively innovate, accelerate, and showcase new business solutions and technologies.

COIL operates on a project based approach, allowing SAP and its partners to jointly engage in a well-defined process from concept incubation via mutual co-investment agreement to ultimately showcasing the joint achievements in a variety of channels and events.

When you visit the virtual booth for PartnerEdge be sure to ask about the Co-Innovation Lab and consider how participation in our lab can become part of your PartnerEdge experience.

I’m looking forward to the event and being logged in with the community with the hope to have many interesting conversations with partners and exploring new co-innovation project ideas.

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