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PartnerEdge 2010 for VARs in North America

PartnerEdge for the Channel is undergoing a significant metamorphosis in 2010. The program continues to maintain its original design philosophy, ie providing equal opportunity for all partners to succeed and climb to higher levels and increased benefits. However, the 2010 releases greatly simplifies the parameters and metrics, so that it is clearer and more predictable.


The major changes are in the areas of operational requirements, the value point matrix and the frequency of level evaluations.


Partners will now be evaluated on a semiannual basis every January and July, to maintain their level, instead of monthly. Level up evaluations will continue on a monthly basis.


The requirements to maintain and advance one’s level is now exclusively based on value points. Gone are the requirements of a varying number of educational qualifications and certifications by solution and partner level, and the 6 month moving active transaction count. This is great news for partners as there is less administrative burden for both partners and SAP. Partners who continue to invest in qualifying and certifying individuals will see the rewards in value points and their ability to execute in the sales cycle and implementations.


The silver and gold Value Point thresholds for partners reselling SAP Business All-in-One and SAP Business One remain at 350 and 500. The number of categories is reduced from 9 to 3, revenue (maximum 500 points), competencies (max: 200 points) and marketing (max: 100 points).


Value Points will be new to partners reselling SAP BusinessObjects solutions and for 2010 will include the Revenue and Competency categories with the above maxima. The Silver threshold will be 300 points. Gold is 500 points.


Revenue value points are now linear and proportional to the revenue net to SAP. Also, all revenue is collected in a single category, so partners can earn points by reselling to net new customers or installed base customers equally. Partners can also earn value points for coselling with SAP. Cosell applies to A1 and BOBJ tranactions only and accrues value points at half the rate as compared to resell, since in resell, partners do it all.


Competencies includes peopleĀ  and solution qualification and certification. Level 2 qualifications and certifications will earn more value points than Level 1. Unlike in the past value points for education will expire 12 months after being earned.


The marketing category will probably be added for SAP BusinessObjects in 2011 once the transition is completed for all partners to the new MDF system.

Marketing includes demand generation activities and customer references.


As far as program requirements are concerned, partners now need to have at least one presales qualified individual. Business plans need only be submitted, but it is recommended that they are approved by SAP. If a partner is not meeting requirements, they will receive a warning and need to become compliant at the next leveling maintenance check (January or July).


All VARs who have been in the program for a full calendar year will also need to meet a very reasonable revenue minimum.


To ease the transition, SAP is foregoing the level maintenance check in July 2010. This would mean that partners on the date of the new release would at least keep their level until January 2011. In addition, to help SAP BusinessObjects VARs transition to the value points model, each VAR will receive 100 value points that will expire one year from April 26 2010.


These changes will bring greater clarity, predictability and stability, and the simplicity will help reduce the administrative time to manage the program requirements and rules.

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  • good info the PE changes…nice to see SAP is adapting the program.  I like the revenue goals and think that a lot of the B1 partners should be able to hit those metrics out of the park!!