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Need to beat expectations? (And who doesn’t these days!)


Learn to boost capabilities fast at SAP EcoHub Live! Featuring Solution Extensions from SAP virtual event


Is your organization living up to expectations? When I ask our customers about this, they almost always respond with identical wording to describe what they need to become more competitive and efficient. Process improvement. Organizational performance. Sustainability. Customer satisfaction. IT optimization.


These aren’t just buzzwords. They’re very real things that organizations need to have in place to be effective in highly competitive markets, and solution extensions from SAP can help make them a reality now. Solution extensions add even more capabilities to core SAP functionality, and help organizations across industries make good on expectations.


Living up to expectations in today’s markets also means getting things done quickly. Fortunately, finding out how to add very real value to your SAP implementations can be accomplished in a matter of a few hours – and for free. At our SAP EcoHub Live! Featuring Solution Extensions from SAP virtual event on February 9, you can visit five virtual booths that cover IT, SCM, CRM, sustainability, and ERP/Admin. Each of these areas lets you find product demos, white papers, tools, guides, and as much technical detail as you need to explore the solutions and their relevance to your situation.


I’m excited about this event because it provides a community approach to finding opportunity. You can engage with SAP folks and others through social media interactions like Twitter. Plus, you can schedule one-on-one real-time chats with our experts and partners to get complete answers to your questions.


And what event would be complete without prizes? As an SAP EcoHub Live attendee, you qualify to participate in a random drawing to win a $100 American Express gift card.


Best of all, we’ve made sure this event can fit into busy schedules. Show up when you like for experts and virtual booths on Tuesday, February 9th. But be sure to attend the keynote that kicks off the event on at 8 AM CST on Tuesday, February 9, where you’ll get a better understanding of how SAP Extensions are changing business.


Making the most of 2010 is going to depend on meeting – and exceeding expectations. I hope you’ll join us at the SAP EcoHub Live! Featuring Solution Extensions from SAP virtual event, where you’ll get a head start on becoming more competitive and efficient. As always, be sure to visit the SAP EcoHub site for the latest news about how solutions from SAP can make your business run better.


We look forward to seeing you at the event!

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