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Have you ever wondered how you can collect multiple values from decision tables?

Decision tables have two properties that allow the Rule Engine to evaluate more than one condition row even if one row is already satisfied. Join this podcast and learn how the Rule Engine uses these properties to return a list of services provided by a landscaping company. This podcast also covers the basics of rules modeling and Development Component dependencies necessary to create this example.

You can find more information about these properties in SAP Help

PS: The procedure explained in this podcast can be followed in SAP NetWeaver CE 7.1 and 7.2

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  1. Former Member
    Claudia; I am having a minor issue following your podcast. I have recreated your example line4line and everything looks perfect; however when executing; the function addservice from the file is not firing; i am getting nothing back that should populate the array … if i removed the Service references from BRM and create a test xsd/xml file; it returns the proper results; i am running 7.2 SP01; can you provide your example via a step-by-step guide or the project file(s)? That would be greatly appreciated .. Thanks . Tim
    1. Claudia Pacheco Post author
      Hi Tim,

      It’s a good idea to have the project files available. I will publish the files on SDN code exchange when possible. It says SDN code exchange will be accessible for all community members in few weeks.

      In the meantime and for 21 more days, you can download the files from this link (CE 7.2 version)

      Give it 30 mins to be available.

      Regarding the step-by-ste guide, I’ll try to find some time to convert this podcast in a How-to guide

      Hope it helps

      1. Former Member
        Brilliant; worked like a charm; i forgot the super class for Service; i need a vacation … ๐Ÿ™‚ too much coding .. thanks again .. Tim

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