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ALM functionality teaser #2 Landscape Reporting

Landscape Reporting.

I often get asked questions about the SAP landscape at AusPost. Over the last two months, here are some of the requests taking up space in my inbox:-
  • The Oracle guys want to know how many databases we have for the upcoming license renewal;
  • The AIX guys want to know how many LPARs are still on version 5.3;
  • The new Consultant wants a PowerPoint view of the whole landscape;
  • The Basis Support lead wants to know how many systems are still on the incorrect ST-PI level;
  • The Capacity planning team want to know how many CPUs are used for all Production instances.

The old way.

In the past, we have all relied on that special spreadsheet containing these details. You know, the one which is out out date the minute you press save… Some of the more advanced sites will have e Basis guy who can write that special Unix script to get you some of this data – but it will cost you several beers for this privilege.

The new way.

Solution manager provides two types of Landscape report options:-
1. The detailed Spreadsheet list
2. The graphical PowerPoint view


Populating instance details in Solution Manager happens automatically using RFC links during SolMan setup. Advanced users can use the the SLD bridge to supply the most up to date landscape data to Solution Manager. Setting up RFC links will take around 10 minutes per system (once only). Assuming you have 40 instances, this will cost you around 7 hours.


Maintaining a Spreadsheet of instances will take around 60 minutes per week – a total of 52 hours per year. The creation of PowerPoint diagrams will take around 60 minutes per landscape (once off). Assuming you have 10 landscapes, this will take around 10 hours.
SolMan Landscape Reporting is always up to date, accurate and readily accessible. This tip will save around 60 hours (1.5 person weeks) per year maintaining Landscape Details in Spreadsheet and Power-Point. These savings can then be used to deploy the next piece of Solution Manager functionality.

Show me.

Click here for my Youtube demonstration. 

Bonus information.

You can run the Landscape Report (RSMSY_REPORTING01) directly from SE38. Schedule it in background and have the report distributed via e-mail.
You can also add non NetWeaver SAP systems to your Landscape Reports. We have defined our Business Objects systems to Solution Manager using SAPOSCOL and SLDREG. See SAP Note 1018839 for details.


The ALM difficulty rating.

Expertise required.      Low.
Time taken to deploy.      Low.
Payback time.      Fast
Overall rating.      Just do it.
Heading in the right direction ?
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