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IDoc Packaging – SAP PI 7.1 EHP1 (and above)

Prior to PI 7.1 EHP1, to collect IDoc (package) we used to have a BPM or workarounds as mentioned Collecting IDocs without using BPM

From PI 7.1 EHP1, you will see a new feature that will help design scenarios in a better way when it comes to collecting IDocs.

The IDoc Sender adapter now is active and with a purpose. You can now define a package size in the adapter. The package size defined here will be used to create IDoc packages in PI.


The above screenshot shows you the IDoc sender adapter in PI 7.1 EHP1


So how does this feature help us?

With IDoc packaging now available as a standard feature in the adapter, this will help redefine some of the design approaches to integration scenarios. Some examples are as below;

1. Collect all Work Orders (ex. ZWordorder.ZWorkorder) and create a file out at 6PM everyday

In XI/PI versions<7.1 EHP1,

a. You might have gone for a BPM design for collecting all IDocs

b. Use the concept of an IDoc XML file

In PI 7.1 EHP1,  you can use IDoc packaging and R3/ECC would make sure they will dispatch all IDocs via a Job at 6 PM.

2. Create a file with a maximum of 1000 records only. Each record corresponds to an IDoc as the input

With the new feature, set the Package size as 1000. No BPM at all.

Thus the basic idea is an improved design and a better performance.


Configurations in R3/ECC that facilitate the Design

Partner Profile

Use the collect IDocs Option


Report RSEOUT00

This report can be executed or scheduled as a background job to send the IDocs



How does the payload look like in SXMB_MONI?


As shown above you will have the payload (inbound to PI) with multiple IDocs in it when using the IDoc packaging feature.


I hope this was informative. It is upto you to design your scenarios and leverage the capability as found appropriate.

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  • Both Stefan and Michal contributed regarding IDOC packaging in their blogs for lower versions and now you have added it for PI7.1 Ehp1….thanks to all you folks for the latest updates 🙂

    During one session by Sarma Sista, it was mentioned that only in Ehp1 the IDOC package will travel as one single message through PI…in other versions, though packaging is possible, the message entry in XI/ PI will show all the included IDOCs…in other words one entry per IDOC in the package…however now in Ehp1 there will be only one entry per IDOC package…any more information on this? OR did i get it wrong 🙁


    • hi Abhishek,

      you got it right 🙂
      IDOC packaging is something completely different
      than message packaging – have a look at my book
      (second edition) for more details about EhP1

      Michal Krawczyk  

  • Shabarish,

    In the mapping editor, in your scenario, i beleive you will be loading an External definition(XSD with the IDOC occurence changed as 0..unbounded) as the source correct ?

    Informative blog.


  • Hi Shabarish,

    Say,for one of case, if we don’t have package size known beforehand & need to process all IDocs (could be diff set of numbers each time) into a single file per day. Do we see any option to handle such case with this feature where we can provide IDoc package size at runtime?

    Anoop Garg

  • Hi shabarish

    Thanks for your valuable inputs.

    The one confusion i have while going through several bolgs is :

    Is the IDoc packaging,Idoc Bundling,Idoc collection same thing and how message packging is different from these?

    Please share your thought on this.


  • Hi Experts,


    My scenario is IDoc to fie . I have gone through the doc;  about IDoc packaging but I am working on PI 7.31 SP11 single stack. I have the below queries:

    Are steps same in single stack also ?

    Is it required to create XML-HTTP port and HTTP destination of type H in SM59 of R3 ?


    When I did the settings in we20 collect IDocs & package size in sender R3 and in sender IDoc adapter enable IDoc package option and enter the package size. Then tin we19 using repeat factor those are directly reaching sender adapter one by one instead of many IDocs in single file.


    What I thought is via we19 make some IDocs in 30 status and then execute the reoprt RSEOUT100 but after executing we19 with test data single idoc getting triggered. When I execute the report it says ” No IDocs available for processing”. Pls suggest.