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SAP ZIPPED 2022-Listen, Adapt & Zip- Vision 1.1




  1. Edentity Form [Form 0] is a Legal document with authenticated     proof of Self Identity
  2. A Prospect would call up to the Customer Care and get     his Citizen-ID Created for future Interactions. Citizen-Id can also be     created by logging onto the web [] and submitting the Edentity     Forms.
  3. Submission of Vital information by filling up     Edentity Forms creation would trigger the process of 1st Level     of Validation with minimum 3 Proofs of Authenticators.(Documents are     Scanned, Stored and returned immediately)
  4. Once validated the Prospect has to pass through a     Biometric test (2nd Level verification)upon which the role in the     system gets changed to EYED Partner. Biometric Identification can be     carried out at nearest Postal Department [UIAI Dealer Network].
  5. A 3 rd level verification would be from police upon     which a Global ID will be issued to the individual. Police verification is     followed to check for the credentials and a final level of check if the     given information fits the database information.
  6. A Global ID has a 5 year Validity period but a 2.5     year updating of Vital Information is mandatory in case of change in any     status.
  7. An Individual is termed as Authenticator once he has     7 valid Legal Documents and has successfully got his Global ID Created.

           Table 1: Content Embedded within UID


1.       Birth Certificate 



2.       Education Qualification Certificates



3.       Pan Card





4.       Employee Certificate



5.       Election Voting Card



6.       Marriage Certificate



7.       Ration Card



8.       Passport  



9.       Rental Agreement or House Ownership  Document



10.    Vehicle Licenses


     8. UID Number is integrated with Mobile. If in times of urgency, a bank     employee calls our Common Man to submit his Pan Card.

  • Common Man can send a SMS to UID portal with UID      Number and serial number 3.
  • Pan card with serial number 3 on you ID would be      available for printout for duration of 15 Minutes in Read-only format.
  • The Receipt is informed and now the Bank employee      in this case can go to UIAI website, give our Common Man’s UID number and      take a printout in the set duration.


9. All the information is made available in the UID Card     by means of a RFID Chip.

10.UID Kit will be dispatched on to the Citizens Current Location consisting of all the required information about UID’s  usage and benifits that it comes with.

In the next edition of the SAP ZIPPED 2022-Listen, Adapt & Zip- Vision 1.2 lets see System Landscape of SAP Edentity.


Note: The ideas mentioned in all the Vision editions to come in SAP ZIPPED 2022 will be with a noble intention to envisage SAP as a life saver and with a viewpoint to see how SAP will transform all our lives in the years to come. So request all my readers to share your opinions. Good or bad, anything that would make me much more constructive and to publish Future Visions

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