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SAP ERP on iPhones

I met with a team of mobile software developers this week that have developed an interesting¬†mobile technology that enables the user to access ALL of SAP’s ERP and other SAP components on an iPhone. I am particularly intrigued because I have never seen a mobile application that can quickly enable an entire ERP with only a 25 MB download and a 15 minute set-up.

Most iPhone applications would target only specific components or business processs in ERP, but this company is enabling all of ERP.  It will be interesting to watch.

The use case would be any SAP user or expert that needs to access any page or component of SAP while out of the office. It is all there on the iPhone. I was very impressed. Most often only traveling sales or service people are prioritized for enterprise mobile applications, but this technology will enable anyone in the company that needs access to the SAP system to simply login with their iPhone and go to work.

This company will be releasing the iPhone version first, and then versions for Android, Blackberry and Windows Mobile over the next few months.

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  • Thanks for the heads up on the iPhone app.  I’m hoping that the application allows two-way data. 

    I found that most business iPhone apps focus on CRM only and in pretty much all cases is read only.  Typically you can only download or synch contacts, accounts, orders, materials, but you cannot create orders and synch those back to an SAP system.

    I also would be curious as to whether it is online only or has a store and forward capability for offline use.  My country has patchy mobile data coverage even in the largest city.

  • … why there is no full-featured GUI for Mac OSX first, or at least a Java version… In fact I thought there would be a full-featured GUI for HTML developed by SAP, instead of any OS-specific solutions, be it developed by SAP or 3rd party companies…
      • Hi Markus,

        I also use the Java GUI, and v7.20 is pretty fine for R/3. However, users of APO for example, can hardly find a transaction that works with it. The latest ActiveX controls applied in SAP programs have no equivalent in Java Beans, currently. Not even the “new ABAP frontend” is supported in JAVA GUI