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New Community Developer License is available

We mentioned it in former New developer licenses for NetWeaver on the horizon, now the license is here: a new license for development tools provided with SAP NetWeaver: SAP Community Developer Edition. The software with the new license is provided in the Downloads section of the SDN for SAP NetWeaver ABAPand for SAP NetWeaver Composition Environment. Whenever you download the tools from today on, the new license is attached and it grants you more rights than the old test & evaluation license.


Here are some highlights of what the new license allows (some of them will become important as soon as we also move code exchange from the closed beta phase to public availability in Q1/2010):

  • it’s free of charge
  • test and evaluate SAP NetWeaver and develop and share your add-on prototypes on code exchange
  • the license doesn’t expire
  • the license grants you rights to consume APIs (such as enterprise services and BAPIs) to build your add-on prototypes
  • the code that you develop remains your code
  • SDN users license and use the software as individuals


So far those rights weren’t granted with the old test & evaluation license. To learn more, visit the FAQ in the Code Exchange wiki.


Just go ahead, check the links in the Downloads section to accept the new license and use the software under the extended terms. If you have any questions feel free to post them here.

Here are the links:

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  • Hi Mario,
    Thanks for the good news.
    I have a couple of questions:
    - What is the SAP_BASIS/SAP_ABA SP level on the ABAP stacks?
    - Can you highlight the difference between 'SAP NetWeaver 7.01 SR1 SP3 ABAP Developer Edition' and 'SAP NetWeaver 7.01 SR1 SP3 ABAP Trial Version'?
    Thanks in advance,
  • Hi Mario,

    Thanks for the Good News!
    Just one question will I be able to install these developer edition on Windows 7 64 bit operating system.

    Many Thanks!

    Ritin Jain

      • Hi Mario,

        unfortunately the PAM is not very helpful in the case of the Developer Editions. In the PAM you only find the officially supported which only run on Server Operating systems. You will never find a client OS like Window 7 or Vista for the Server Instance supported there.

        The main question the I have is: When will there be a Developer Edition of NetWeaver ABAP 7.02 and 7.20. I hope that will come synchronous to the release to Ramp-Up.

        Best regards

        • Hi Gregor,

          I cannot answer that, as I am not member of a product teams and am not familiar with their product roadmap and strategy. As far as I know the PAM is the official reference and yes: server versions are listed there.
          Perhaps somebody else knows more.


  • hi Mario

    if I already have the trial edition do I need to download and install the developer edition or can I just upgrade my licence?

    is it possible to get your own namespace with the developer edition?

    thanks john

    • Hi John,

      I need to clarify the right path to "upgrade" from trial to the new community developer license.

      For ABAP yes, if you share the code on code exchange. See also the answer in the FAQ. We will have our own code exchange namespace where we will assign subnames for the projects.
      We are still working on the exact details and the process to apply for a namespace, so please be patient.


  • Hi Mario,

    thank you very much. The trial version for Linux is now 3 years old. Will there also be an ABAP developer edition also for Linux environment?


  • Hi Mario,

    I eagerly awaited this new license but I am a bit disappointed that you start offering it for a rather old version of CE (7.1 SR3). I think most of the developers out here are innovative people that want to try out and learn new things. So where is the problem in offering CE 7.20 with the new license? It cannot be a technical one because if it is stable enough for ramp up than it will shurely be good enough for a developer edition.

    Anyway, I am still happy that this new license is offered and I will continue waiting until a 7.20 version will be here 🙂

  • I am trying to download the developer edition, but I keep getting the error message:

    "Unfortunately we have trouble completing your download request. Please contact for further support."

    I sent an email to and someone from SAP Network Team replied quickly saying that "The appropriate parties have been notified". However, I am still waiting to hear from the "appropriate parties"...

    Any suggestions?


    • Update:

      I was able to download with Firefox 3.6 on Mac OS X Version 10.6.2

      The previous failed attempts were with IE 6 and Firefox 3.5 on Windows XP.


  • Hi,

    Many posters to this blog asked for different and additional versions of software that should be added to the downloads section. This blog is not the right place to ask for that. I recommend to submit your request in the forum:

    Trials, Previews & Other Downloads
    Software Downloads

    These are the guys who can influence this.



  • Hello,

    is it possible to get only the community developer license. I have installed a the 30-days trial version and want to import the new license without reinstalling a new NWDS.

    Thanks for your help.

  • I listened to the PODcast, but it doesnt really address my questions.

    How can an ISV get license for development purposes that allows them buy an ECC not just NETWEAVER system and build add-ons.

    What if you want to build a full application that is more tightly coupled than Ent Services.

    Im looking for a license so I can buy an ECC ,
    with a developer license and sell ABAP code.

    I cant find license that recognises IP for ABAP code developed on an A1S system.

    Should I be able to buy A1s system ECC with a single Netweaver dev license (no prod use of ECC)

    What if I want to sell code, and not use the code exchange?

    • Hi,

      This license is for free and only gives you access to some development tools delivered with SAP, and you can develop and share iton code exchange, but not sell it.

      So what you want is a totally different license.
      First, you need to buy a license (like subscription, become a partner of buy a regular NW developer license from SAP's sales team)
      Second, you need to either buy a developer license for an ERP or get access to an ERP system through a hosted provider, like is offered by SAP's Integration and Certification Center

      About sales contact I don't know, but starting points should be Enterprise Interoperability Center (EIC) - SAP Developer Network (SDN) and The colleagues from the Partnership program will also be able to tell you more about the IP that you create and what licenses there are.



    • hi Phil

      It used to be possible to get a development subscription that gave you the software and a namespace, was cheap and you were able to market your code - unfortunately, it was only available in Germany and the US (not for we Australians). This would have been perfect for my requirements but I was waiting for it to be released to other countries. I went to the site this morning and was disappointed to find that it is no longer available ! (

      Mario - do you have any insights into this, will there be a replacement ?

      thanks john

  • Hello,
    I've been suggesting this to BusObj at all possible opportunities, but now SAP has a community edition do you think there is any chance they will release a Business Objects edition?

    Ideally something like a MSDN subscription for Business Objects tools and SAP would be so helpful for consultants who need to get to grips with the product and features.


    • The blog never mentions this type of license for minisap. It is in the downloads section of the SDN and only for development tools delivered with SAP NetWeaver.
      • Hi Mario,

        i have downloaded Developer Editon from SDN download page , the index.htm file contained in the root directory shows the following license info:

        SAP NetWeaver 7.01 SR1 ABAP Trial Version


        The license of this trial version is for evaluation purposes only and does not allow commercial use.

        The TRIAL license is valid for 4 weeks. Please check for updates on the licensing model.

        Please refer to for more information about commercially available editions of SAP NetWeaver.

        I am doing something wrong ?


        • Hi Pasquale,

          as you can read in the other comments to this Blog the actual download files where not changed yet. The license that apply to the download is the license that you can read and accept when clicking the "Download Now" button.

          Best regards

  • Hi,

    I downloaded "SAP NetWeaver 7.01 SR1 SP3 ABAP Developer Edition " and installed, but it is showing only 4 weeks.

    Kindly let m know how to get the " Community Developer License".


  • Dear Mario,

    There were already several discussions about the free and unlimited developer licencse.

    Unfortunately neither the questions nor the answers were as clear that I now know what I have to do to get a free developer edition of ABAP WebAS which is not time limited.

    I am from Switzerland and I would like to get the actual version of WebAS ABAP for a 32bit Windows System. So I chose “SAP NetWeaver Application Server ABAP 7.02 SP6 32-bit Developer Edition”.

    Before download I read the licence information carefully and I found this text: “SAP DEVELOPERS NETWORK - SAP 90 DAYS EVALUATION LICENSE (LOAN-) AGREEMENT for all countries except USA and Canada” which tells me that this version is only made for 90 days.

    I also tried to follow the link Also there I found the statement “Please fill out the form below using that key and a 90-day license should be emailed to you within minutes.“ on that page which implies for me that the licence is granted only for 90 days.
    Could you please bring light into this matter.
    If there is a version which fits my requirements please attach the direct download link. If other steps have to be taken please write them down step by step.
    I guess you would not only help me but a lot of other community members with further explanation.

    Best Regards,

    • I am not up to date with the latest status of the licenses (and not responsible for that area), but the licenses can be renewed again and again and again. Of course not an ideal solution, but the only thing that we have right now. Not happy about that situation either.


    • Dear Reto,

      it is really sad that SAP which now has a really open policy in the new areas like HANA and Mobility still struggles in the classic NetWeaver Stack. The best ABAP / Java Stack that I found providing the Developer License is currently the SAP NetWeaver Gateway 2.0 SP4 Pre-Packaged Trial Version for Linux it comes with a End User License Agreement that does not limit the use to days. Also during the installation the Developer License can be chosen. The limitation of the Developer License as far as I understand it as a non legal person is that you can only publish your developments (if you want to publish) on SAP Code Exchange. And you're right, still for this system a 90-day licence renewal is required.

      Best regards


      • We have now as a first step available the HANA license. Hopefully we will be able to extend that license-type in the future to other NW products as well.

  • Hi Mario,

    Thanks for the blog, but I would mention that "the license doesn’t expire -legally- but has to be renewed every 90days in practice" in your blog... because that's quite important peace of information which is lost among pages and pages of comments.

    Best regards,

    Nicolas Busson.