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New administration tool in PI 7.1

<body><p>This blog applies to SAP PI7.1, SAP MDM7.1 and SAP CE7.1.</p><p>With PI 7.1 Visual Administrator(VA) is not available any more. web tool NWA instead.<br />SDM is not available. Use JSPM to deploy new package or patches.<br />And there is a Web based Management console, which is very useful for MDM 7.1. You can access it by http://<host>:5<system no.>13/. You can use it to start/stop MDM 7.1 instance on UNIX/Linux system.</p><p><img  />//|height=482|alt=sapmc|width=650|src=|border=0!</p><p>For PI7.1, You can start/stop the instance, or server process, and monitor it.</p><p>There are lots of functions in NWA, which you did it with VA before.</p><p> 1, Configuration Management -> Security -> Authentication <br />change authentication methods( for SSO).</p><p><img  />//|height=192|alt=|width=619|src=|border=0!</p><p>2, Configuration Management  -> Infrastructure -> Application Resources</p><p>manage  JDBC drivers, JDBC data sources.</p><p><img  />//|alt=|src=|border=0!</p><p>3, Problem Management ->Logs and Traces -> Log Viewer and Log Configuration</p><p><img  /></body>

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