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SAP ZIPPED 2022-Listen, Adapt & Zip- Vision 1.0

Global SAP Identity [EDENTITY]:



Mission of Edentity with SAP:
Global ID Per person in the form of Electronic Identification on an Individual basis.
An Industry Specific Solution for Human Identification System with SAP.

Vision of Edentity with SAP :
Combating terror, theft and tragedy by reinforcing trust with Edentity’s Authenticated Proof of Self Identity.

SAP no doubt shall continue tolead the ERP Market, but with the discovery of SAP Edentity, SAP shall startacting as a Special Auxiliary Police personnel too.

With Global recession, hunger isbound to increase and Terror is bound to take its extreme steps in the days tocome. Combating Terror has been the center point of discussion quite some timenow. But issues like terrorism cannot be dealt by a single nation on its own. Justaddressing Terrorism as a Global issue also shall not help it to curb. To pluckterrorism from its roots, identifying the crux of the problem is as essentialas is the necessity of Oxygen for humans to Survive.

If you see where SAP is looming today,we would realize it as software not restricted to just as an ERP Package. SAPtoday is intelligent business software that gives logical solution based on theinputs it has been asked to respond. SAP today is Global software not onlyturning Enterprises profitable but also making them ready to sustain under any circumstancesin the future. Overall SAP today has the capacity to even curb the Global Issuein combating terror.

Vision 1.0 deals with a first of its kind proposal to SAP showcasing how Vital Information Storage and Retrieval – SAP Edentity can help tackling a Global issue like Terrorism. The emphasis is on implementation of SAP Edentity with 75% of available proven SAP Applications to turn it into a Country Specific Package which later on can be tailored made to necessary countries. SAP Edentity  would consist of

  • An Authenticated Identification System
  • A Logical Responsive System to combat terror
  • An Unique way of Vital Information Storage [VIS] and Retrieval System.
  • Mobile Data Sharing and Retrieval System.
  • Interface for SAP Edentity and SAP Insurance to provide Terror Insurance for the victims.
  • Interfaces for Third Party Scanners to SAP Edentity

In the next edition of the SAP ZIPPED 2022-Listen, Adapt & Zip- Vision 1.1 lets see how a Cycle of SAP Edentity would look like.

Note: The ideas mentioned in all the Vision editions to come in SAP ZIPPED 2022 will be with a noble intention to envisage SAP as a life saver and with a viewpoint to see how SAP will transform all our lives in the years to come. So request all my readers to share your opinions. Good or bad, anything that would make me much more constructive and to publish Future Visions. 

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