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I have been working on Netweaver & PHP Integration about 2 years ago. I had also blogged about my experimental work on deploying PHP/Java Bridge. ( PHP in Netweaver Platform ) Although It was good taste to see PHP applications running on SAP J2EE Engine, I didn’t have enough time to make further developments until now. PHP/Java Bridge is really good package but it is hard to use it on SAP platform. It is a very big WAR file and contains lots of sample applications and libraries. It needs some work to make it deployable to SAP J2EE Engine and you are required to put all PHP applications on the same project.

Now, we have Netweaver / PHP Bridge as a SDA package. I have extracted PHP/Java Bridge package and converted it to J2EE Library Project which contains only packages that needed to run PHP applications. This will allow us to use this library in any of our projects.

Following diagram describes the architecture of the library :


We have 3 parts. Main part is netweaver-php library which has the main responsibility. It handles php request coming from Web Module Projects and transmits them to PHP FastCGI Executables.

I released this package at . You can download main package and find documentation to create a sample application. There will also be more sample applications and integrations with famous PHP applications.

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  1. Nigel James
    Love to see some examples and screen shots of it all in action.

    How does it compare to … Quercus, Zend’s Java-php bridge and the project zero from IBM?


    1. Abdulbasit Gulsen Post author
      Hi Migel,

      Thanks for comments. I searched for similar tools and PHP/Java Bridge was the most suitable one to adopt SAP environment since it was completely open-source, free and easy to modify.
      I will also look at Quercus, Zend’s and IBM’s tools to compare with PHP/Java Bridge. My work is just an experimental at this time.
      If anyone has similar experience, I am free to get any advices and experiences. We can find the best tool in this way.


    1. Abdulbasit Gulsen Post author

      Hi Vo,

      Unfortunately I haven’t touched this project for a long time and the didn’t renew the domain. I think, it is better to put it on Code Exchange. I’ll create a code exchange project but before I want to test it on Netweaver 7.3 system. Meanwhile, you can download it from If you can’t find let me know, I can send you via e-mail.




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