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Q4 Wrap-Up: What happened in the fourth quarter of 2009 in the SAP Business One Community




Statistics & top contributors



Happy new year!!!

I would like to welcome you on the quarterly round-up of the fourth quarter of 2009.


So what’s new?

  • For this quarter, I have interviewed Paul Ponce, from VisualK Peru. He’s a consultant at one of the leading partners in Latin America.
    You can find the full inteview below 
  • /community [original link is broken]

    The SAP Business One Core Forum (former main forum) has reached 1.000.000 (1 Million) views within 2.5 years which is an outstanding achievement and should be celebrated by all of you all over the world :). I really enjoyed watching the community grow and how it developed its own paths and subforums.So let us all raise our glasses!

    • Wiki

      • The Spanish SAP Business One To Go guide has been released.
      • The former “Best Practise System Setup and Sizing guide” has been transformed into a wiki page, which let hardware suppliers and Software Solution Partners keep their best practises up to date.





    • Statistics & Top Contributors



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  • Interview with our Top Contributor 

    Hello and welcome Paul,

    Congratulations  on your great work around contributing to the SAP Business One Community in the fourth quarter of 2009.

    Could you tell us some details about yourself  and your company?

    I am a consultant for SAP Business One Company VisualK Peru. My experience in SAP Business One, started from scratch in 2006 and every day I have learned so that one day browsing the forums, I wondered if I could actually accumulated knowledge to serve others, and within the time possible deal to share.

    What is the main business of your company?

    VISUALK is an SAP partner, focusing on all that is SAP Business One, with offices in Chile, Mexico and Peru.

    What role does SAP Business One play in your company?

    Fundamental, in each of the offices you work hard in everything on sale, consulting and implementation of SAP Business One Additionally there is a strong association with VisualD, Development company dedicated to creating ADD ONS Solutions for SAP Business One also The company itself is managed with SAP Business One, which breaks a paradigm or the myth that there is no prophet at home, in this case it is.

    What does a typical work day look like for you? How does the SAP Community Network support you in your work?

    My day is the day of the great majority of consultants from SAP Business One, navigating between the various stages of each project, giving solutions to problems that can present customers, initialized, parameterized modeling and launching projects in time they arise. In conclusion, manage projects of Implementation of SAP Business One

    How does the SAP Community Network support you in your work?

    I think the SAP Community enables both customers and more new users, integrate quickly into a world of Business One that day by day brings new scenery and hence new solutions. Being able to share knowledge is certainly material for a consultant that is quite useful and positive as it broadens the horizon of knowledge that many of us … and the best is that like the real world is a totally globalized can share experiences and knowledge with users from around the world.

    Do you have insight into how others in your company leverage the SAP Community Network?

    Clearly, the main advantage is to have this platform of knowledge that allows us to investigate and acquire knowledge in an SAP world renewing, always in motion and which are always learning something new.

    Do you want to share with us some achievements of your company?

    Undoubtedly belong to one of the leading partners in Latin America, is something that fills me with pride, we are a company formed to pulse and whose foundations are professionalism and conviction to provide great service to all our customers. I also think that the fact of opening offices in Mexico and Peru speaks of a great development and many projects in each of these places give us peace of mind we provide good service and we are on the right track and we hope every day be better.

    Thank you Paul for giving us detailed information about you and VisualK.

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