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Recently, I got the information about the NetWeaver main releases. The information tells us that the next main release for NetWeaver Platform will be 7.3. Currently 7.0 is the main release.

But as you know, there are several complementary offerings within NetWeaver, thus mid releases like 7.1, 7.2

When we discuss CE Portal, BPM, customers/partners (who are not mainly focused on NetWeaver Platform like our Company) hesitated to understand the NetWeaver. They are asking, what is 7.0, 7.1, 7.2 and 7.3.

They don’t even know the difference.

Every time we’re at a meeting, I’m drawing a table to show the participants the differences between the main releases and mid-releases by means of functionality.

Here is the summary of SAP NetWeaver Products Releases:









 √  √  √  √  √
AS Java
 √  √  √  √  √


 √  √  √  √  √
KMC (Knowledge Management & Collaboration)*  √  –  –  –  √

BI (Business Intelligence)**

 √  –  –  √  √

PI (Process Integration)

 √  √  √  ?  √

MI (Mobile Infrastructure)

 √  √  √  ?  √

 Complementary Offerings

IDM (Identity Management)

 √  √  ?  ?  ?

MDM (Master Data Management)

 –  √  ?  ?  ?

CE (Composition Environment)

 –  √  √  √  √

ACC (Adaptive Computing Controller)

 –  –  –  √  ?

BPM&BRM (Business Process & Rule Management)

 –  –  √  √  ?
BI/BW Accelerator  √  –  –  √  ?
Enterprise Search  √  ?  ?  ?  ?

* SAP will not spend on Collaboration anymore.But will support for integration 3rd party Collaboration Softwares.

** After BusinessObjects Acquisition, SAP changed the Warehouse product name from BI to BW again (which was BW when its release was 3.5).

MR: Main Release

Soon I’ll shot a comedy movie about the release strategy of SAP on NetWeaver products at least and will publish it as a seperate Blog named “NetWeaver Release Confusion, The Movie”


The information above gathered from the following sources:

-Information scattered over SDN

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    1. Former Member Post author
      1. Former Member
        no one of your links doesn’t contain even word “main” neither couple “main release”. Also I don’t think that oral word about such a conclusion we have to take in order…
        The answer from about outdated release strategy was:
        Answer from SAP 26-Jan-2010 11:00:29 Dear Mikhail Bohdan, the 2010 brochure is planned to be published end of next week the latest. The 2010 brochure will contain updated release information. Thanks for your patience, Karin Bauerndistel
        So lets wait for official information and don’t go to gossips…
        1. Former Member Post author
          Hi Mikhail,
          I’ve seen it officially in fact. Recently it was 7.20 as next major release, but from official sources I get that it will be 7.30
          But you may not see it on place it has to be, yet.

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