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Part 1:SAP BPM: Enhancing enterprise operational efficiency and sustainable development capability – Part 1
Part 2:SAP BPM: Enhancing enterprise operational efficiency and sustainable development capability – Part 2
Part 3:SAP BPM: Enhancing enterprise operational efficiency and sustainable development capability – Part 3
Part 4:SAP BPM: Enhancing enterprise operational efficiency and sustainable development capability – Part 4

Assistant Components of SAP BPM implementation

  • Within Business Workflow, we can use ABAP/BSP/Webdynpro for ABAP (WDA) as a user interface of a business process like decision type process, you have to using Webdynpro for Java(WDJ) as a user interface once you use BPM Process Composer(Modeling Tool, it was released with CE 7.1 EHP1) to design a business process, because of BPM modeling tools could not use ABAP GUI or BSP as a user presentation layer of a business process, that is why we have to use WDJ.
  • SAP Composite Environment – Process Composer, it is a modeling environment for Java-based workflow processes; it is a different workflow development workbench with our traditional Business Workflow, it only supports Webdynpro for Java as a presentation layer, actually process composer is next generation production of Guide Procedure, workflow engine based on Java run time, you define a business process like in business workflow, you can find detail information about it.

    For example, there are three business activities (Purchase Selection, Approval, Notification) are in this purchase procedure, every activity is mapped to an interface view of an independent Webdynpro component, a corresponding user interface should be displayed when a user double-clicked this task in UWL view.

  • Process Integration, Process Integration, as a center of service publish place and data exchange.
  • SOA Support, if your current software already provided very rich web service, so congratulations, because SOA is a strong support for BPM Process Composer Modeling tool, otherwise you have to implement it in CE Web webdynpro application.
  • Enterprise Portal, if you used BPM Process Composer to modeling business process, you have to use it as the only presentation layer for every process participant, and also UWL can display business workflow task comes from ERP system, UWL is available for BPM workflow and Business workflow.


  • SAP NetWeaver Composite Environment, CE provided a very good development workbench with many new features, which are not provided in current stable NetWeaver version (e.g. ARFC2 version, and many new UI elements), which focus on Java-Based application development like WDJ, EJB and so on.

    CE also provided a thin Enterprise Portal (like a tailor version) as development and test environment, SAP recommended that CE application should be deployed in a CE application server as much as possible but not deploying CE application in NetWeaver portal if this NetWeaver portal is a main portal, then using the FPN (Federated Portal Network) method to expose all CE applications in our main portal, it can improve whole performance via following this deployment strategy.

    You can find more information by search FPN/GPN in SDN. (

Within this implementation project, except those three-pillars (ccBPM, Business Workflow, UWL) mentioned above, these assistant components are also important, it enriched the scope of SAP BPM implementation, but not limited in SAP CE – Business Process Management / Business Rule Management this circle

I will introduce following part in my next blog:

  • Where this BPM project comes from?
  • Some lessons learns and conclusions from BPM implementation.
  • Business Workflow V.S BPM Workflow ?
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  1. Joseph BERTHE

    Your blog is nice to enumerate all BPM tools that SAP provides, but do SAP BPM will replace all those three technologies you mentioned (ccBPM, Business Workflow, UWL) ?


    1. Former Member Post author
      I will take a example(business workflow v.s bpm workflow, who will be last winner?) to introduce it in my next blog.
      Part 4.



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