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SAP’s new tiered support model

Building on the feedback collected from our customers, the support task force has concluded their work:

  • SAP will provide choice to our customers – current and new – between SAP Enterprise Support and SAP Standard Support
  • SAP will keep the upper cap for SAP Enterprise Support at 18.36% in 2010 (for contracts signed prior to July 5, 2008 which were transitioned from standard maintenance to SAP Enterprise Support).
  • Support services for new contracts or add-ons to existing contracts are either 22% for SAP Enterprise Support or 18% for SAP Standard Support

SAP Standard Support is tailored for mature customers to manage and continuously improve their SAP installation. Building on the SAP Solution Manager, customers will benefit from SAP incident support, providing notes and Support Packages for bug fixing and regulatory changes as well as Enhancement Packages and Releases for additional functionality to innovate. Installations centered or even focused on SAP ERP could leverage this support offering. More complex landscapes building on the extended functionality of SAP Business Suite should consider SAP Enterprise Support.

SAP Enterprise Support provides an extended scope – technical and business processes – and proactive engagement by leveraging the SAP Solution Manager, enterprise edition. This provides customers with end-to-end support for processes that are supported with multiple applications and provides insights into customers’ IT operations, as well as the potential for improvement within the business processes themselves.

To use a car as an example, driving in a low gear all the time would not fully exploit the engine’s potential, resulting in lower fuel efficiency. By shifting into higher gear a driver accesses and applies the car’s real potential, bringing its performance to the next level. Although the car example is too limited, it could also be extended to SAP applications, given the criticality of the SAP applications to support the business processes and to keep the entire business running at its best. You need skilled mechanics to keep your car running at its best, maximizing its full potential. SAP Enterprise Support provides training for your skilled crew, action plans for continued improvement and well maintained applications.

Based on your level of readiness and maturity, SAP provides the support offering able to meet your requirements. Regardless which support offering you choose, SAP is providing support reflecting the importance of your SAP installation – it is your choice and responsibility.

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