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New Wiki: SAP Modeling Handbook

There is a growing interest and focus on Process and Service modeling. There is also an uncertainty on using the correct modeling conventions.

Now you have a newly released Modeling Convention in the form of the SAP Modeling Handbook Wiki.

This Modeling Handbook is meant as a general guideline for anyone who does work on either Process Modeling or Service Modeling.

The guidelines, rules and model structures are based on experiences gained within SAP Field Service and Support and were developed by consultants. The Handbook is not tied to a special methodology (implementation or other) although the structure applies to the rules of ASAP Methodology.

We specifically chose to present the Handbook in the format of a wiki because we value your contribution and feedback.

We are confident that this SAP Modeling Handbook will remove some of the current uncertainty which exists around process and service modeling.

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    • Hi Pierre,

      I agree with you on this point. Solution Composer should be the starting point when we talk about Business Process Modeling/Management in SAP context.

      In addition to that, to my surprise I have found inconsistencies between SAP Solution Composer-Business Maps and SAP Business Process Repository content, which creates confusion in the mind of consultant about which convention to follow.

      I believe process structure in Business process repository should be alinged to the content of Solution Composer-Business Maps or vice-versa.

      Business Maps talk about Process Category/Business Scenario Group followed by Process Group/Business Scenario followed by Business Process. But in ERP section of Business Process Repository Process Groups are missing, while CRM section of BPR is well alinged to its coresponding Business Map.

      I am currently involved in IS-EC&O implementation and EC&O section of Business Process Repository only list 2 Business scenarios out of 22 Business Scenarios listed in the EC&O Solution Map in Solution Composer and there is no mention of Business Scenario Groups in it at all.

      IS-Consumer Goods also tells the same story of inconsistency.

      I believe BPR needs some restructuring and completeness work(i.e process structure should be the same as listed in Solution Composer)to make it consistent with the latest Solution Composer Solution Maps and to make sure transition of solution design is smooth from Solution Composer to Solution Manager and everybody is speaking the same BPM language.

      I hope folks at SAP who are taking care of Business Process Repository would iron it out as soon as possible.

      P.S. Some Business Maps at SAP website and in latest version of Solution composer are also not identical (e.g. EC&O map).