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Part 1:SAP BPM: Enhancing enterprise operational efficiency and sustainable development capability – Part 1
Part 2:SAP BPM: Enhancing enterprise operational efficiency and sustainable development capability – Part 2
Part 3:SAP BPM: Enhancing enterprise operational efficiency and sustainable development capability – Part 3
Part 4:SAP BPM: Enhancing enterprise operational efficiency and sustainable development capability – Part 4


This article is not an introduction of SAP BPM production, because you already can find a lot of technical articles about SAP BPM in internet, and you also can find more documentation about SAP BPM platform in SAP SDN Business Process Management channel.

BPM (Business Process Management) is a very wide concept; someone defines BPM as Business Process Modeling, someone defines it as Business Process Management, anyway BPM is not a new word for us, because there are many mature BPM productions currently, but we will focus on SAP BPM this area, and introducing how SAP BPM (Business Process Management) helps local Chinese’s customer to improving operation and management efficiency as high-flexible and high-agile within whole corporate, and optimizing and re-forming some complicated business processes meanwhile.


As a new generation company want to grow with a sustainable development ability, it means this company should keep innovation and also can adapt embracing changes of this variable market environment.

In the process of innovation, how these new ideas and innovation can be realized within existing complicated business process and information infrastructure, it is a challenge for every company, especially for those big companies, all those dynamic environments enforcing our information system must be smarter, and more flexible, also can adapt new changes quickly.

In most developed countries, ERP is not a new word anymore, and information system is already used several tens of years.

Time is money, efficiency is life, even this Chinese market and our customer are growing so fast, but this is just a beginning in china this new developing country, more and more Chinese’s customers implemented ERP, SCM, SRM, CRM. Most Chinese customer also benefits from these information systems, and also helps many states own corporate became world-wide level company.

Everything is changing, whole world still struggles in this economic crisis, and how our company can improve profit increase? Cutting down the cost of operation and optimizing, reforming existing business process for catching some new opportunities,  adapt to a new market environment would be the first priority of our enterprise.

Understanding SAP BPM

You must already know SAP Netweaver this application platform, SAP Netweaver is a very open and stable integration platform, SAP BPM is a part which focuses on Business Process Management of SAP Netweaver platform.


SAP BPM already provides design, business process modeling, run-time monitoring these tools, communication within SAP and Non-SAP system seamless, SAP BPM provides a central transparent view for all partners and administrator of all business processes, also enable complicated business process can be executed with high performance, automatic, smart and agile.

What does SAP BPM mean?

In SAP official term, there are some different understandings about BPM, BPM including methodology, management and technology. Every software vendor provides different BPM environment, but SAP BPM can present the following all parts:

  • SAP Business Workflow
  • ccBPM, as a important part of Process Integration(XI)  
  • SAP Enterprise Business Modeling Application    
    ARIS Platform (IDS Company)
  • SAP Netweaver Business Process Management(JAVA Based Environment)  
    this product is released within Composite Environment 7.1 Enhancement Package 1, including a process modeling, process monitoring tools, and used to be integrated WebDynpro(JAVA) Component View and Web Service as a presentation layer).

    About process monitoring, you can find more information via
    FAQs about Business Process Monitoring

  • SAP Netweaver Business Rules Management, this part should be used with a BPM modeling environment together, user can define some common and exceptional process, and binding this main rule object with BPM process templates, user only needs to change this configuration rule once without change BPM process once some business processes need to be changed, business rule management can provide enough flexibility within CE BPM modeling phase.
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