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Netweaver Development Infrastructure – Apply Changes Made Easy

If you are using SAP Netweaver Systems with Java Development, you should consider using NWDI to manage your development changes.

Without NWDI:

1. You may have hard time to keep track of the program version since developer may keep the development work in their own pc.

2. It would be hard to ensure the program consistency since 2 developer can check-out the same piece of source code at the same time without notify each other for the changes they made which may ended up conflict.

3. It is hard to track the change history, changes made on SAP objects or reverse to previous version in case conflict is found after deploy the new program into the systems.

The powerpoint presentation below demonstrates how to use NWDI to promote development changes, keep track of change history and identify customer modification made on SAP objects.

Here is the Powerpoint to Share:

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