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Enterprise Mobility: Why SAP NW Mobile fits the bill

This CNN article ( vindicates the fact that ‘Enterprise Mobility’ is here to stay, and conquer. As organizations move towards becoming a more ‘mobile enterprise’, there are certain concerns that have to be addressed to understand the ROI of such an investment.

In this post, let’s try to put forward some of those critical questions and see if SAP NW Mobile fits the bill.

End-user support: Is there a proper process to handle end-user incidents? Are there enough tools that help to zero-in on the problem? Are the tools good enough to even solve the problems wherever possible?

Data security & loss prevention: Is the data that goes through the network secure? Are there standard security / authorization mechanisms in place? When a mobile device is lost, is the data on the device still secure from prying eyes? In case of data loss on the mobile device, is it possible to fully recover the data?

Online / offline / both: Does the mobile platform support both online, offline and a mix of both scenarios? Is there a way to inform the end-user in case there is loss of connectivity? Are there standard ways to minimize the network and server load in case of an occasionally connected application? In case of occasionally connected applications, are there standard and open ways to communicate with the server?

User and device diversity: Can the platform support applications built for users across different organizational hierarchies? Is it possible to build different applications on top of the same data set for different user profiles? Is it possible to build applications for different mobile platforms like Blackberry, iPhone, Android, PDAs, rugged devices, etc and also ensure that they work well together?

Deploy, manage and administer x000 devices: Are there built-in tools to easily deploy and manage a landscape of several thousand devices? Is it possible to centrally administer a complex mobile deployment? Is it possible to support the devices remotely in case of data and security incidents?

Backend and mobile application upgrades: Is it possible to upgrade the backend system / mobile application without disrupting the existing mobile applications? Is it possible to simultaneously run different versions of the same mobile application on top of the same server / data set? Is it possible to perform a phased upgrade of the application – without much end-user intervention?

Efficient data distribution: Is it possible to efficiently distribute the data to mobile devices, such that the load on the network, server and the mobile devices are all kept to a minimum? Is it possible to manage the data being sent to the devices dynamically? Is it possible to distribute data based on business data, end-user characteristics, or a mix of both – and also change these as and when necessary?

Development effort: Is there a model-based development paradigm to develop applications on the server side? Is it possible to mix-and-match data from different enterprise systems from a heterogeneous landscape to build a unified mobile application?

To be short and to the point, in case of the SAP NetWeaver Mobile platform, the answer to all the above questions is a resounding “YES”!

More information on NW Mobile can be found here:

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