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Build a SAP MDM system on Linux platform

Environment: MDM 7.1, CentOS 5 x86_64,Oracle 10.2.  CentOS is one of the open source Linux distribution. you can install MDM system on it. 2G memory, 15G disk space should be enough for test or training.   SAP Netweaver Master Data Manager is a part of SAP NetWeaver. But It’s a bit different to install MDM from NW7.0 or PI7.1.  The NW 7.0 install master can do everything, you don’t need to worry about Oracle installation or configuration. But for MDM, you have to install oracle, and client, then create a database, before the installation. MDM console and client is only available on windows. All We need to do is to  install  MDM server component: MDS, MDIS and MDSS.   *General Procedures*    1, Install Oracle and client.  2, Create database. You must use Unicode for Database Character Set.DB seeting3, Configure listener and tnsnames. 4, Execute MDM install master.  Input  directory for Oracle home, client and SQLplus. And you need do this: ln -s  here.mdm install
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    • SAP support commercial Linux platform only, of course. Because you don’t buy ‘support’ for open source Linux, then SAP can’t support you on the system. But I can tell you that we have deployed SAP CRM 2007 application server on CentOS productly. Nothing is different on open source Linux. In fact, based on SAP NetWeaver 7.0(not 4.6c,or 4.7xx), ALL SAP product has no problem to run on Open source Linux. Technically, different Linux has the same kernel, the same c library…
      • Well, yes, you can buy support for any OS.  Large and small vendors provide assistance for fee. 

        Take a look at SAP notes 997990, 936887 and of course 171356.  CentOS is not mentioned anywhere in SAP notes except for a couple saying it is not supported for Business Objects.  In one of the above notes, SAP Global Support uses the term “certified Linux distributions” which only appear to include (official, branded) RedHat and SuSE.

        Don’t get me wrong, I use open source software and operating systems (NetBSD) every day.  I just know what it’s like dealing with SAP support when problems show up. YOYO – You’re On Your Own.


    • Due to (actually THANKS TO) GPL, RedHat is required to provide the source for all its packages. CentOS is an open OS that uses RedHat sources to build the system. Therefore, it is essentially the same. Of course there might be some small delays in support patches…

      The same holds for the quite nice Scientific Linux Cern (SLC)