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ABAP Concepts: Simple ABAP Concept – I The Module on Exit Command in Module Pool

As module pool program is the one which comes into existence when there’s need of custom program to fulfill the requirement. Which again must provoke the developer to deliver it as closely possible as that of like standard application with less maintenance into the picture for the same application.

In this Blog, I am depicting the one small scenario but important from the point of view of your application completeness. And point of logically correct flow of the application or a program. Here the one scenario regarding the different kinds of exits possible from the screen and its proper execution especially when you have certain validation on the screen and with respond to that validation you just want to quit the application.

This blog explains the scenario for avoiding the mandatory fields on a program screen so that if user want to cancel and move away from the screen the validation will not irritate or allow to exit from the screen.
1. GUI status related changes are depicted from figure 1 to 4, where you will be making the back, exit & cancel button fucntional type as E i.e. Exit Command. 



2. Double click on Standard tool bar function code.



3. You will see the below mentioned screen and have to select functional type E.



4. Below figure depicts the the list of functional types allowed for the function code.



5. In Flow Logic of the screen you need to add the line call Module Exit at Exit-Command in Process After Input Event.



6. Then create the module called Exit for the above mention line and below picture depicts the example code for the exit. Here all three buttons coded. 



7. You can see here for example the screen has the mandatory field, still on clicking Exit or Cancel you will not prompted for the section but if it is not of Exit command then it will prompt for the section entry (as below mentioned example) if not entered. 



8. Here all the 3 standard tool bar buttons were having same functions so was configured like that.



This blog explains the beginners to know the concepts and niche details of the function attribute of the standard tool bar function code.

Based on the review of this blog such type of other blog will be produced. So for the new bee this is a jackpot series inaugration…

Happy Coding & Deliver the best always…. 

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    • Hi Kesavdas,

      I completely disagree with your comment that there’s nothing new in this effort.

      -> This blog is real discriptive & self explanatory.
      -> This blog will help new bee gain confidence by know that what’s in the market and design the solution accordingly.
      -> This blog is for those who are in the field of SAP & ABAP now and wanted to know how it works.

      I appreciate your efforts to read my blog, And new bees move on guys….

      Gaurav Patwari

        • Hi,

          It’s fine. I understand your concern dear. But I have my experience that says that it should be there and about blogs section dear if there’s beginner category in Blog then it is for what?

          I will take care of your concern too.

          Gaurav Patwari

          • Fair enough – it is in the “Beginners” category.

            As long as you don’t create an alternate reference number to index the entire universe and cross-reference all objects in it, then we should all be fine… 🙂


    • Hi Julius,

      Thanks for your time to take a look at . I just wanna be clear that this blog is for beginners. As I know I don’t think so that such a descriptive and self explanatory blog is not required.

      Please if really it is available in wiki then better post that link here so that the search for the new bees becomes easy.

      I wanna continue this series for other commonly used methods.

      Still, I accept that it might not be useful to all of your out there but again its target audiences are new bees.

      I appreciated your time for reading my blog.

      Gaurav Patwari

      • Hi Gaurav,

        Generally newbies doesnt have a habit of searching , especially in BLOGS section.

        And there is no need of posting the wiki link here because the search functionality in SCN easily groups the section based on the keyword searched.

        • Hi Kesavdas,

          Don’t assume the new bee behaviour. They do search it not like that. And yes I don’t doubt SCN search feature it’s all about a new bee.

          So it new bee doesn’t know the SCN then he might be searching from google so that if you really have the wiki link then this page might appear on google so that he might benefit out of it.

          Gaurav Patwari

  • even us old-timers can find this useful. I needed this a week after I saw it. Since it is infrequent that I perform dialog programming, i forgot how to do this.


    • Hi Robert,

      Thank you for your support and understanding. It’s been long by this time but I don’t want to miss to thank those who supported me.