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End user ad-query and reporting on top of SAP ERP

Few months ago, we announced the 1st prototype version of the Data Federator Web Intelligence Reporting for SAP ERP based on ABAP functions.

Based on your feedbacks, we updated the connector to support the latest version of Data Federator (XI 3.0 SP2) and to add  ERP Infosets support.


Connector architecture

This new prototype lets you leverage your BI platform to connect to SAP ERP operational data. This is an opportunity for your business users to create their own ad-hoc queries and reports.

For instance, they can combine historic data coming from BW or a warehouse with SAP ERP real time data in the same Universe.
Business users can also create ad-hoc queries on operational data to get real-time insights (no need for a warehouse in this case).

In addition, the multisource nature of Data Federator lets you combine different ABAP functions and Infosets with other sources in the same Universe to provide new cross functional insights.

You can download and get more details about the Data Federator prototype on the SAP BusinessObjects Web Intelligence Reporting for SAP ERP

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  • I have a question regarding something in the announcement –

    “Protect your ERP system from runaway queries by offloading query processing to SAP BusinessObjects Data Federator”

    Can you provide any more insight into this funcionality or point me to some DF doc that explains it.  I would love to make WebI available for use against our ECC 6 system, but run into a lot of resistance because it will overwhelm the system.  I would like to be able to reference something from SAP to help me refute this thinking.

    I do have concerns about the fact that SAP is making DF a required component for a lot of the newer functionality, yet it is a separatly licensed product.  What would make sense to me is to provide it free for use against SAP datasources (BW, R3, CRM…) and then perhaps charge a licensing fee to access non-SAP data sources.   

    • Hi John

      DF executes all the resource intensives operations (group by, sort, joins) in its SQL engine so the impact on the ERP can be minimal.

      In addition, you have an opportunity to leverage the query limits (time, number of rows…) in the Universes to prevent the execution of large or long queries.

      Concerning the licensing issue, DF is already included in the analytical and BI packages.
      So if you buy one of the package DF is already included. In addition, DF will be integrated as a BOE service in our next major release.

      Hope this helps,


      • Fred –

        I appreciate the processing offloading info.  I’ll need to have someone in my organization pursue the Data Federator issue with our SAP rep to figure out where we stand.  We have licensed the Enterprise Query, Reporting, Analysis package and Business Objects Enterprise Premium.  The product manifests make no mention of Data Federator, so I’ll have to push that issue up the line to our SAP rep to see if we actually have access to it.  



  • Hi Frederic,

    I like this direction of nice reporting out of OLTP sources, because certainly BW was used to over-engineer operational reporting just to keep consistent interface for end-users.

    What I’d like to urge you though, that the moment it goes into general availability, it is not enough to deliver only software product. To make the product complete, it has to be supported by appropriate documentation, formal best practices (not just blogs on SDN for which no one takes responsibility) and methodology for implementation and support projects.

    Take care,

    • Vitaly

      I agree with you.
      This connector is just a prototype to get feedbacks and be sure that the final implementation will be well aligned with customers requirements and use cases.

      Of course, the productized version of the connector will come with a complete documentation and the associated best practices.

      Hope this helps


  • I see a supported version is suppose to be available in 2010.  Is this still the case?  When in the remainder of 2010 is this release targeted for?
  • Hi,

    Is there a version of this connector for 64-bit Data Federator?