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Silverlight Islands in Web Dynpro Java 7.20

In the upcoming release of NetWeaver CE 7.20 (which has gone to ramp-up last month), we will be releasing for productive use the ability to embed Microsoft Silverlight islands inside Web Dynpro Java. Similar to the Adobe Flash islands released in previous versions, integrating Silverlight islands enables the Web Dynpro developer to have ‘islands’ of high interactivity inside the standard Web Dynpro application. This enables enjoying both worlds – having a standards compliant, performant, Web Dynpro application while having a very rich, ‘cool’ interaction where it really matters.

We will be releasing tutorials and guides for this features together with the CE 7.20 release notes, but for now, you can take a look at these two videos, prepared by Vincent Mendicino, demonstrating how the new capabilities will look. The first video shows that actual integration of a Silverlight Island in the NetWeaver Developer Studio (NWDS):



The second Video is showing the capabilities of Silverlight islands during run-time. Notice the ability to interact between ‘classic’ Web Dynpro tables and the silverlight components and the ability to ‘block’ the silverlight component when a Web Dynpro popup appears:


As mentioned – this is just the appetizer. Expect many new features coming from WDJ in CE 7.20.

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