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My SDN connection, being a Mentor & the New Year resolution

After pondering for a few months on a topic to blog on, I decided to write about my own experience and thoughts on what SDN has been to me.

My connection with SDN happened in August of 2007, nearly 4 years after I started with SAP Business One.   Though I had heard about SDN and the forums, for some reason I never made an effort to participate. Finally when I joined I saw all the activity that was happening and I felt I had missed out on a lot.  I soon realized that it was better than never.  I started looking at the “SAP Business One” forums.  Numerous open question and some really good answers made me feel that it was time for me to jump in.  After a little hesitation I answered the first question.  I was quite anxious to know what the members’ response would be and I was thrilled to find a green dot next to my answer the following day. I came to know that it signified “Very Helpful” answer.  It was a beginning to what would become my passion.

Months passed and I was finding myself to be answering most of the questions.  I could never imagine that I had come such a long way on the SDN.  The points started adding up and one morning I got an email informing that I was the top contributor for 2007-08.   Though it was exciting news my attention was still on the forums and the questions I needed to answer.   A few weeks later there was an announcement that I was selected to be a Mentor for the SAP Business One community.  I felt honored and at the same time humbled for being given such an esteemed status. The top contributor status got me a free entry to SDN day and it was my first TechEd.  It was a privilege to be amongst an elite group of SDN members and indeed what an experience!!

After returning from the TechEd, I continued my activities on the SDN and even before I realized 6 months had passed.  The projects I was working on at that time required me to travel, keeping me away for several days and sometimes weeks away from home and the forums.   In my mind participating in the forums had become a big responsibility and not being able to do so, made me feel uncomfortable.   Every time I logged in to the forums after a gap of several days I would find so many questions unanswered and sometimes I would even find members specially addressing me in their questions.  It made me feel helpless.  It was the job that was feeding me and I could not overlook it.

It was soon time for the TechEd in Phoenix. October 2009, I attended my second TechEd. Even this time, the invitation was for being the top contributor and a Mentor but the feeling was much different than the first time as my conscience kept telling me that I had not done much this past year.  After spending only a few days, I had to return to attend to a client with cherished memories of the wonderful time I had at the TechEd.

A few months have passed now and it is that time of the year when people make their New Year resolutions.  I wondered about a New Year resolution and I could not think of anything better than “to get back, become active again and start contributing to the SDN.


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  • …in the new year, thank you Suda for your passion and commitment to the SAP Business One Community in the past and in the future.

    I wish you and all SCN Members a great New Year,

  • Well we could spend a lot more time on the fun things without having to actually work.  But then no one would be looking on SCN for answers.  Maybe some people would, but not very many.

    Thank you for taking the time to answer questions.  It’s not easy with everything else going on.  


  • Hi Suda.

    I too was a reasonably late starter to the SDN community and I must say, you have helped me with many of the queries I’ve logged. I’ll admit that I used to ask myself how you found the time to answer so many queries as I looked on enviously from the bottom of a long to do list.

    I’m with you. I too have started to answer queries when I log on. I started with a resolution that everytime I log on to find a solution, I’ll help 5 others with theirs.

    SDN is an invaluable tool for an implementer.

    Happy New Year