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Delivery Complete Indicator of PO and Goods Receipt

Before ECC 6.0 Enhancement Package 4, the system logic has been explained in notes below:

SAP Note No. 1093582

1. Question

Which effects has the “delivery completed” indicator?


  • Although a further delivery is not expected, it is still possible.

SAP Note No. 856279
  • However, another delivery up to the purchase order quantity (including overdelivery tolerance) is still possible.

From both notes, the system logic is that the “Delivery completed” indicator specifies whether a purchase order item is considered closed. This means that no more goods receipts are EXPECTED for this item. If the delivery completed indicator is set, the open purchase order quantity becomes zero, even if the full quantity has not been delivered. It is still possible to post goods receipts of remaining quantities, but these no longer change the open purchase order quantity.

There were a few of doubts regarding the functionality of DCI (delivery complete indicator). One common opinion is if the DCI is set for the purchase order, the further GR should be prevented. Originally in this circumstance, the workaround is to block the line item in PO. You can set the blocking indicator by selecting the item and then
choosing Edit -> Block if you do not want to allow subsequent functions for the item.

As of ECC 6.0 Enhancement Package 4, the Enhancement Spot MB_GOODSMOVEMENT has been extended. There is new BADi MB_GOODSMOVEMENT_DCI which could be implemented to check DCI and issue M7344.


There is already SAP standard implementation:


The codings are:


In customizing transaction OMCQ, set message M7433 as “E”:


Now if doing GR for a PO which has DCI set, there will be error M7433 to prevent the GR:


This new functionality of EhP4 makes it possible to control the GR by according to DCI.

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