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Happy New Year, Everybody! It’s my last blog in Year 2009. And this may not solve all your Portal problems, but should  help a lot.

Recently I’m on a Portal project. Something drove crazy. But All problem resolved at last.

1, Object locked in Portal.

Maybe someone didn’t close the page.If you are sure nobody use it, then unlock it. Go to System Administration -> Monitoring -> Portal -> Object Locking.

2, Translation Work-list Read-Only

But you can’t unlock it anywhere. Maybe because some object of the work-list was changed. You can just delete it and create another Work-list.

Another smilar problem is that, IGS test failed. I’m very sure that IGS is OK. After I delete  and re-create RFC destination IGS_RFC_DEST, problem was gone.

3, Translation didn’t  become efficient.

Even I clear cookie, delete temporory Internet files, login again. It didn’t display the right thing. But there is a ‘Navigation Cache’ in Portal. Go to System Administration -> Navigation, -> Navigation Cache.  Clear all cache and It worked.  It’s better to disable ALL cache in a development environment.

4.Quries linked to another system alias.

Here BW connect to EP with BI java. BI Queries in portal still linked to the system alias which I have deleted. I checked all the configuration. When I tested a web template, failed too. It doesn’t make sense. At last I restart J2ee server, and everything is OK.

Cheer up! I wish All of you make more money, live a better life.



1.    It is not possible to resolve ALL problems by 4 steps.
2.    Here you should do double check when you have problems.
3.    Please read more about caching.

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  1. Srikanth Mandalapu
    I oppose this statement,
    Here’s what you have to do:
    1. Clear the Portal Cache
    2. Clear the Federated Portal Cache
    3. Check the system connections from System Configuration Iview
    4. Use the support platform to test the System Aliases
    1. Shen Peng Post author
      Any connection test is success.I know what I’m doing. And there is some ‘cache’ in BI java. clear portal cache, it won’t help.
      Thank you.

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