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Executing Process chains across multiple BW systems

In many cases I have come across scenarios where process chains have to be executed across multiple SAP Systems.


I say SAP Systems because of the following scenarios :
1. Retraction into CRM using Export Datasources from a separate SAp BW system
2. Data load from downstream BW system into a consolidation BW system
3. Duplication of data across multiple systems for regional reporting effieiencies

Why do we need this approach at all

All this involves careful process chain planning and execution. In many cases it is easy to do this manually but then involves a lot of effort and co ordination- especially if you are monitoring say 100 process chains ( Just a random round number I could come up with ) and tracking the same across systems. This creates possibilities for the occasional human error leading to mayhem!!!

Process chains can be started remotely through other process chains. Within the same system we use the metachain concept but then in many cases it is not attempted across multiple BW systems. There is a RFC enabled Function module which can actually be used here which can trigger process chains across systems.

The function module is RSPC_API_CHAIN_START which is RFC Enabled ..

Instructions on calling RFC FMs is also found here :

The code is available in :

For this to work you need an RFC connection from the BW system to the target system.

A word of caution though – if your links are too many – instead of calling process chains and processes within the process chain – you will be better off using a third party scheduler for easy maintainability where things can be centrally monitored and scheduled.

This was used in one case where we had to do some CRM data loads from BW into the CRM system and there was a data dependency that data gets loaded into the BW system first for some sales orders and then the same data gets sent to the CRM system for further calculations using the datamart interface.


I have not explored the code in full with regard to the parameters but am sure there will be many more uses for the same. I have done this on a BW7.0 EHP1 system. if you do not find that this function is RFC enabled – use FM RSPC_CHAIN_START instead. I guess the API FM also gives you exceptions but the non API version just blindly triggers the FM and leaves the rest to further investigation.

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  • Depending on your requirements, it may be easier to just use Remote Process Chains rather than have to deal with function modules.

    One of the ways I use remote chains is to have a chain running on our BW system to start a chain on our core system (yes, you can use process chains on your R3 system - although I'm not sure if there are version limitations - I know it works with ECC 6.0) to run some ABAP programs to fill some tables which we then use for reporting from the BW side.  When the core chain is done, subsequent steps in the BW chain then run. 

    A nice feature of Remote Chains is that they can be monitored from the calling system - from our BW system, I can actually see that the remote chain on R3 ran successfully or not.