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Author's profile photo Jon Reed

Craig Said Share, So I Did – JonERP 2009 in Review Video

I never like to let Craig Cmehil down, but I didn’t think I was going to have time to do an SCN video in time to Year End 2009, sharing!. But tonight, as I was walking with my friend and her dog in a little bundled up doggie sweater, I realized I was right by my office. So with my sweatshirt on, and numerous other fashion snafus, including, as usual, my hair, I taped a JonERP 2009 Business Year in Review video. I’d like to credit Jim Spath, who is the master of the hat collection – I am just a pretender. 

But in seriousness, this was a year of adversity and reinvention for Year End 2009, sharing!, as I’m sure it was for many of you. As I goofed into my reflections, I found myself going through some themes of the year, and suddenly the video didn’t seem so goofy after all. To be honest, I thought about going home and changing into something snappier, but I didn’t think I could top this particular take. Oh, but one clarification. At the 7:20 mark, what I say sounds like “Sometimes I think we can see too much,” but what I’m actually trying to say is “Sometimes I think we concede too much.” No time for a director’s cut, so there you have it.

During the video, I made an attempt to break my year’s business lessons down into some themes that we have all faced. I hope you enjoy, and Craig, thanks for the peer pressure, err, I mean, inspiration!

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      Author's profile photo Daniel Graversen
      Daniel Graversen
      Too bad I did not watch the challenge on time, could be fun to partcipate in.

      I could relate to much of what you where saying about how the community and being a part of it.

      I also found it interesting that you have an idea of being proved of your what you are doing, i find that also very interesting.


      Author's profile photo Jon Reed
      Jon Reed
      Blog Post Author
      Daniel, thanks!

      You're a great example of what I'm talking about - already I have learned a lot from you about Google Wave in particular and through your blog, probably more this year! 

      That's one more example of how forming thoughts in isolation is not as powerful as having dialogue with people like you who help to form the context of how I look at things.

      - Jon

      Author's profile photo Former Member
      Former Member
      My key take away from this blog is community sharing and networking.  I "understand" it's important.  Heck that's why I'm here.  (Plus the answers and help I get.  MMMMmmm... that falls under community sharing.)  However, I have trouble articulating why it's important.  This blog helps.

      It also gives some inspiration on trying some new things in 2010.  I haven't decided what new thing to try, but it will be something.  🙂

      It was nice to meet you in person.


      Author's profile photo Jon Reed
      Jon Reed
      Blog Post Author
      Michelle, definitely was great to meet you at TechEd! I had been watching your work for a while and liking your approach to sharing ABAP stuff, so it was neat to see you in real time. I agree with you, it's not always easy to quantify why community sharing matters. I know on Twitter, from the beginning, i could tell what I was doing there was going to help me, but it was quite a while before I saw any bottom line impact. But eventually I saw that too - a happy byproduct of putting myself out there and engaging with others. This is the new social world we're all trying to navigate!

      Would love to see new things from you in 2010...I know I felt the breeze the first time I did a podcast and a video, and frankly I'm still an amateur on the video side 20 videos later, but it's fun to ride the learning curve.