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The Enterprise Opensocial Whitepaper is Now Available

The Enterprise OpenSocial Whitepaper is now available on the OpenSocial website.

SAP collaborated together with members of the OpenSocial community, partners, and customers to deliver this paper which:


  1. “discusses general requirements for enterprise social systems and describes how OpenSocial can be used today to address them. Not all requirements are met today, however, so the paper also outlines the current gaps and discusses how the specification might evolve to meet them.” – OpenSocial Blog
  2. “is intended for IT professionals, development managers, and Chief Technology Officers (CTOs) who are leading organizational changes through social computing by embracing standards and Web 2.0 approaches.” – OpenSocial Blog

Read more about it on the OpenSocial blog.

Find the whitepaper here.


“Enabling ‘best run’ business processes is SAP’s core expertise.  SAP is working in-house and with our ecosystem to provide state-of-the-art technology that social enables our customer’s businesses, and their business networks.  12sprints, one such system from SAP, is a real-time decision making tool with collaborative features that brings the right people together with the right information, and provides pre-defined interactive decision making tools to rapidly drive their business forward.  The OpenSocial JavaScript and REST APIs provide a framework for the 12sprints APIs, both for building new decision-making tools and for communicating with the 12sprints container.  The SAP Social Network Analyzer (SNA) is another component in SAP’s social composite.  SAP’s approach is to work with the OpenSocial standard and the OpenSocial community to better align our solutions with both API specifications, provide concrete feedback to the community on enterprise requirements, and contribute to the further innovation of the specification.”

Why SAP cares about social networking within the enterprise? (a.k.a. enterprise social systems).

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