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Reporting and Analytics with BusinessObjects

I am happy to announce the availability of my second book with SAP Press. This time I am focusing on the end user consuming and creating the BI reports and analytics with tools, such as Crystal Reports, Web Intelligence, BusinessObjects Explorer, Pioneer, Dashboard Manager, and Xcelsius.

In the beginning of the book I am creating a set of requirements from different departments and then match those requirements with the tools that are the best fit, but also outline those tools that won’t fit and why they won’t fit.

I then go chapter by chapter into each of those tools into more details and use concrete examples, such as a Balance Sheet for Crystal Reports, a Sales Report for Web Intelligence, and a Executive dashboard for Xcelsius to provide you with step by step instructions on how to use the tools.

If you are interested to see this approach you can take a look at this preview chapter which also provides you the complete table of content.

Reporting and Analytics with BusinessObjects – Chapter 2


In this sample chapter I outline the requirements and match the tools from BusinessObjects to those requirements.

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  • Hi Ingo,
    Seems like it's only available in hard copy without online access.
    Unlike your previous book that's available in both version, I'd look forward to when it's made available in both versions.

    Hope to see an online version soon.


  • Ingo -

    Looking forward to more good material from you.

    One minor annoyance though that maybe you could help SAP clear up.  I've talked to a few different SAP folks and there is a lot of confusion about the status of the Dashboard Builder among them.  My understanding is that Dashboard Manager is gone with XI 3.0 or 3.1. Dashboard Builder continues, but suport for the analytics components is dropped with SP2.  Dashboard Builder goes forward as a tool to combine Xcelsius, WebI, Crystal, othe rweb content, etc.

    I have been building some prototypes using the Content Linking functionality of XI 3.1 Dashboard Builder, and have been trying to promote that where I work, but I have an SAP consultant on premises that keeps telling everyone else that Dashboard Builder is going away.

    So it would be a big help if SAP to clarify Dashboard Builder's future status, and stop referring to Dashboard Manager (as in your title).

    Again. Looking forward to the book.


  • Hi Ingo,
    Congrats on your 2nd book on BO. Does this mean that this book is aimed mainly at the Users of BO and how they can build the models in Xcelsius, WebI and Crystal. Pls clarify.


    • Hi,

      the book is about the tools itself and explaining how they can be used, a set of best practices and most important about lots of details on how to select the right tool based on your requirements.


  • Hi Mr Ingo,
    I have pre-ordered this book. It must be in shipping now, hopefully I find it as soon as I go back to home this Friday. I also bought your first book.

    You helped me out with couple of questions earlier for BOBJ implementation. Do you know any plans in place to call a BGD session in BW/ERP when a Webi/Crystal is scheduled as a job on BOBJ side? I know it calls only DIA today, but since it is so crucial for us in the near future..I want to ask. 

    • Hi,

      for Crystal Reports a background process is already possible. I would suggest you post the question in the SDN forum and I am sure we cna provide the details. its just easier there to reply to questions.