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Overview of Xcelsius 2008 SP3 – Part I (Video)

Xcelsius SP 3 SplashI know it’s not a breaking news anymore that Xcelsius SP3 is out there to download. However, I tried to put together a video post on the same. I’m sure by now many of you must have already downloaded the new SP3 and playing with the new and exciting features and components like a little kid who just got his/her Christmas gift. Trust me, I did the same. This is a 2 part video post series. Part I is all about Downloading, Installing and the New Components. Part 2 is all about the new features. I encourage you all to subscribe to our RSS feed so that you don’t miss out on Part 2 video.

Apart from showing how to Download, Install and talking about the new components, I also quickly demonstrated how to use them. Beginners might find it a little hard to follow. Please note that this is just to introduce the components. We will be doing a series of Text and Video posts in the near future to demonstrate the full functionality of the new components.

You can also visit the Gurus YouTube Channel for new and exciting videos about Xceslsius.

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